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Solenostemon scutellarioides

Classification Scientific Name: Solenostemon scutellarioides
  Common Name: Coleus
  Family: Lamiaceae
  Location Index: HG14
  Suggested Use: beds & borders

container plantings

hanging baskets
Plant Plant Type: perennial
  Plant Form: upright

  Height: 1 - 3 feet
  Spread: 1 - 2 feet
  Bloom Period: summer

  Flower: spike flowers

flowers are not the primary ornamental value
  Foliage Texture: coarse
  Foliage: opposite, variegated leaves with high color

square stems
  Growth Rate: rapid
Environment USDA Zone: zones 10 - 11
  Native Range: Southeast Asia
  Sun Requirement: partial shade

light shade
  Water Requirement: medium
  Soil: well-drained

  Heat Tolerance: high
Care Maintenance: pinch back tips to encourage branching

deadhead flowers
  Liabilities: insects
  Tolerances: heat
  Propagation: stem cuttings
More Additional Notes: perennial treated as an annual

colors more vivid in partial shade
  Cultivars/Varieties: many cultivars are available
Solenostemon scutellarioides

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