Texas Tech University

Plant and Soil Science Seminar Series

TTU Campus

Spring 2018, Thursdays, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM
Agricultural Sciences (AGRI), Room 214.

 We have an interesting line-up of speakers this semester comprised of local speakers (from on-campus), invited speakers from out-of-state as well as some of our own doctoral candidates in the department who will give us glimpses of what they have accomplished in their research projects during the last three to four years of their programs.

  Seminar topics represent the breadth of interests in the department from basic to applied, from molecular, to cellular, organismal, and agro-ecosystems level of plant research as well as plant products research.



Title of Seminar


Jan. 25

Vikki Martin

Cotton Incorporated
Cary, NC

What you might not know about cotton


Feb. 1

Jonathan Aguilar

Kansas State University and impact
Southwest Research and
Extension Center

Water technology farms: The concept and impact


Feb. 8

David Weindorf

Dept. of Plant and Soil

New directions in contemporary pedology

De los Reyes

Feb. 15

Gloria Burow

USDA-ARS, Plant Stress and
Water Conservation

Translational genomics and molecular breeding: Key to accelerating genetic gain in sorghum

De los Reyes

Feb. 22

James Mahan

USDA-ARS, Plant Stress and Water Conservation Laboratory, Lubbock, TX


All the King's horses and all the King's men...why can't we save the Ogallala Aquifer?


March 1

Nana Yaw Kusi

PhD Candidate
Dept. of Plant and Soil

Potassium application timing and cotton yield in Texas


March 8

William R. Graves

Department of Horticulture
Iowa State University

Ecology and ethnobotany of Dirca spp., our local ropebarks


March 15

 Spring break

No seminar


March 22

Hong Zhang

Department of Biology
Texas Tech University


Creating drought- and heat-tolerant cotton for West Texas

De los Reyes

March 29

Iurii Koboziev

Dept. of Nutritional
Sciences, Texas Tech

Gut Microbiome, Inflammation and Nutrition


April 5

Nathan Haile

Texas State Soil Specialist


The past, present and future of soil management in Texas


April 12

Wenwei Xu

Dept. of Plant and Soil
Science, and Texas A&M
AgriLIFE Research

Breeding corn for Fusarium ear rots and Fumonisin contamination

De los Reyes

April 19

Jaspreet Kaur

PhD Candidate
Dept. of Plant and Soil

Niche specificity and population dynamics


April 26

Tokato Imaizumi

University of Washington

Circadian timing mechanisms in seasonal flowering of rare plant species


May 3

Yehia Mechref

Director, Center for
Biotechnology and Genomics,
Texas Tech University

Enabling technologies at the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics

De los Reyes