Texas Tech University

PSS Seminar Series and Graduate Colloquium
Spring 2019

TTU Campus

Seminars held every Thursday from 4:00 to 4:55 PM in the Agriculture Science Building (AGRI), Room 214. 

Contact: Dr. Benildo G. de los Reyes Email: benildo.reyes@ttu.edu

Graduate Student Committee:
Zach Hinds, Fiber and Biopolymer (Chair)
Eduardo Escamilla, Horticulture and Turf Science (Continuing member)
Andrew Dunlap, Agronomy and Crop Physiology
Josh Singleton, Plant Genetics and Breeding
Azeez Shaik, Horticulture and Turf Science
Kris Petterson, Plant Conservation Ecology
Aqeela Sehrish, Crop Protection
Geeta Kharel, Soils

 We have an interesting line-up of speakers this semester comprised of local speakers from on-campus, invited speakers from out-of-state as well as some of our own doctoral candidates in the department who will give us glimpses of what they have accomplished in their research projects during the last three to four years of their programs.

  Seminar topics represent the breadth of interests in the department from basic to applied, from molecular, to cellular, organismal, and agro-ecosystems level of plant research as well as plant products research.



Title of Seminar


Jan. 31

Dariusz Malinowski

Texas A&M University, Vernon

Summer-dormant cool-season perennial grasses – New forages resilient to climate fluctuations in the Southern Great Plains


Feb. 7

Paul B. Thompson

W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics, Michigan State University

Four archetypes for future food systems (Pre-seminar socials at 3:30pm)

Graduate student committee

Feb. 14

Joey Young

Department of Plant and Soil Science Texas Tech University

Chronic drought stress of common turfgrass species in a semi-arid environment


Feb. 21

Megha Parajulee

Texas A&M
Department of Entomology



Feb. 28

Laura Bartley

Dept. of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma

Cell wall remodeling during lateral root emergence in grasses

de los Reyes

March 7

Rajan Ghimire

Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University

Soil and crop management practices (Tentative: Pre-seminar socials at 3:30pm)


March 14

Spring break; No seminar




March 21

FBRI speaker


(Tentative: Pre-seminar socials at 3:30pm)


March 28

Ning Yuan

Postdoctoral Scientist Dept. of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech University


Signal transduction pathways in Arabidopsis


April 4

Bruce Bugbee

Dept. of Plants, Soils, and Climate, Utah State University


Colloquium Lecture: Environmental plant physiology
(Open Reception and Graduate Student Interactive Lunch)

Graduate student committee

April 11

Damar Lopez-Arredondo

Dept. of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech University


Controlling weedy organisms through metabolic engineering: Applications in agriculture and in large-scale bioreactors


April 18

Vikram Baliga

Horticultural Research Greenhouses, Dept. of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech University

Ornamental and fruit horticulture


April 25

Chad Hayes

Plant Stress and Germplasm Development Unit, USDA-ARS- Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Lubbock

Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance and value added traits in sorghum

 de los Reyes

May 2

Ai Kitazumi

PhD candidate
Dept. of Plant and Soil
Science, Texas Tech University

Epigenomic landscape modification, network rewiring, and transgressive phenotypes in rice

de los Reyes