Elizabeth S. Ibanez, Ph.D.

Dr. Ibanez earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Florida State University in May, 2001. Her research interests focus on examining cultural factors affecting child maltreatment, the role of ethnicity and the impact on clinical judfment, assessment of acculturation and cultural identity in parent-child interactions among Hispanic populations. She received her doctoral degree from Texas Tech University in May, 2007.

Dissertation Title: "Corporal Punishment in Families of Mexican-Origin: The Role of Acculturation and Respeto"

Stuart "Stu" Spendlove, Ph.D.

Dr. Spendlove earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in 2001. His graduate research was focused on sociocultural variables as they relate to psychological problems in Mexican-American children. For his dissertation, he studied Mexican-American teenagers involved in an alternative high school program for behavior problems to see how well they identified with their ethnicity.

Joy R. Pemberton, Ph.D.

Dr. Pemberton completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Her graduate research focused on identifying factors which promote the acceptability and effectiveness of evidence-based parenting interventions. She completed her internship in clinical child psychology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), then a research-focused postdoctoral fellowship at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. Dr. Pemberton is now a licensed psychologist and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UAMS. Her areas of expertise include the dissemination of evidence-based practices, such as PCIT, and the treatment and assessment of children and adolescents with a history of trauma or behavior problems.

Carol Jackson, Ph.D.

Dr. Jackson's bio to be updated soon.

Rocio Villarreal, Ph.D.

Dr. Villarreal's bio to be updated soon.

T. Lindsey Burrell, Ph.D.

Dr. Burrell received her Ph.D. in August, 2013 after completing her internship and fellowship training at Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research interests include parent training, PCIT, autism spectrum disorders, and disruptive behaviors.

Simone Sherman Moody, Ph.D.

Dr. Moody received her internsip and fellowship training in Clinical Child Psychology from Children's Mercy Kansas City. Her professional interests include behavioral pediatrics, ADHD, disruptive behavior problems, child trauma/ maltreatment, and pediatric obesity.

Apr 5, 2016