Katrina Mills Cook, M.A.

Katrina earned her B.A. in Biology at Baylor University. She is currently on internship in a community mental health, outpatient setting in Utah and is looking forward to continuing her work with an economically disadvantaged, SPMI population. Her research interests include: the parent-child relationship, maternal stress, child abuse potential, and maternal knowledge of childhood development.  Katrina is currently evaluating the utility of PCIT with adolescent mothers and their children with behavioral problems.

Liliana Cordero, M.A.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Liliana obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, El Paso. Her research interests include multicultural issues in therapy, training for bilingual therapists, and therapy with Spanish-speaking populatons as reflected in her dissertation, "Cultural Competence among Bilingual Therapsts." Liliana begins her intership at Baylor College of Medicine in the summer of 2014 and looks forward to continuing her work with underserved populations.

Chelsea Klinkebiel, M.A.

Chelsea earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her clinical and research interests include parent psychopathology and parent-child interactions as well as child maltreatment. Chelsea's master's-level project examined the relationships between maternal depression, tolerance for misbehavior, and risk for physical abuse. She is currently implementing her dissertation in which she will examine how maternal depressive symptoms and parenting self-efficacy change throughout treatment  with PCIT and the order in which this change occurs.

LeRoi Hill, B.A.

LeRoi earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include clinical decision-making in diagnosing trauma-related disorders, resilience to traumatic experiences among African- and Hispanic-American children, parent-child interactions among incarcerated mothers and abuse potential of parents who have an active case with Child Protective Services.

Mackenzie Hughes, B.A.

Mackenzie earned her undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University. Her clinical and research interests are co-parenting relationships and parent-child interactions. She is currently implementing her master's-level project examining the relationships between co-parents and their parenting behaviors.

Alexandra "Allie" Gibson, B.A.

Allie earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from West Virginia University.  Allie was a member of both the Applied Behavior Analysis lab and the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy lab at WVU. Her current research interests include clinical behavior analysis and parent-child interactions among people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. 

Apr 5, 2016