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Dr. Joaquin Borrego

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Lab

Research Interests: parenting interventions, family violence (child physical abuse and domestic violence), the influence of culture on parenting and discipline practices, ethnic minority populations, and clinical behavior analysis.

Dr. Matthew Cribbet

Research Interests: how poor sleep, stress, and emotional dysregulation are associated with cardiovascular disease risk.

Dr. Kelly Cukrowicz

Suicide and Depression Research Program

Research Interests: mood disorders and suicidal behavior, cognitive behavior therapy.

Dr. Jenny Cundiff

Research Interests: providing psychological interventions in medical populations (e.g., chronic pain, sleep), as well as understanding how our social lives and status affect our health.

Dr. Catherine Epkins

Research Interests: child assessment; social, cognitive, and family aspects of childhood depression and anxiety; child psychopathology.

Dr. Andrew Littlefield

Research Interests: developmental change in alcohol involvement as it relates to personality development, drinking motives, acquisition of adult roles, and genetic and environmental factors.

Dr. Gregory Mumma

Research Interests: Cognitive-behavioural assessment, case formulation, and treatment planning; ideographic assessment; multivariate time series models.

Dr. Adam Schmidt

Pathways to Resilient Youth Development (PRYDE) lab

Research Interests: understanding the interactions between cognitive abilities, neurobiology, and psychosocial environment on positive development, particularly among justice-involved youth and youth experiencing traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Jason Van Allen

Examining Nutrition, Exercise, and Rest in Growing Youth (ENERGY) Lab

Research Interests: pediatric psychology, health psychology, positive psychology, obesity/weight-management interventions, physical activity promotion, and sleep medicine.

Psychological Sciences

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