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Admission to Human Factors Program

Individuals who are interested in enrolling in the HF Program, must meet the admissions criteria of the Department of Psychological Sciences and the TTU Graduate School. An on-Line application is available at the Department Web Site and separate applications are required for the Department and the Graduate School. 

A degree in psychology, social sciences, math or sciences is recommended. Mathematics through the first year of college calculus, and one higher-level programming language is desirable, although not required. Research experience and letters of recommendation are rated highly. 

Students who are currently in our program have an average GRE score of 1155 (521 V, 634 Q), and an average GPA of 3.68. 

Financial Support

Every effort is made to provide full support for entering students. Most students entering the Ph.D. program receive some form of financial support from the department in the form of scholarships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, or fellowships. Stipends are competitive and scholarships and half-time assistantships carry a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition. In addition, half-time assistantships provide health insurance and allow the waiver of many fees.

About 95% of doctoral students in psychology are supported with a 1/2-time assistantships. The amount of financial assistance from the Department ranges from $1000 to $11000 and can be higher if students are supported on a grant. Students who are supported with a scholarship or a 1/2-time assistantship pay in-state tuition rates. The department does not provide support for terminal masters students. Students can apply for financial assistance with their application.

Teaching opportunities include undergraduate courses, some as an assistant to a faculty member and some as the instructor of record.