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Experimental Psychology: Social Psychology


Students conduct research under the supervision of faculty advisors and are trained to achieve increasing independence as they progress through the program. Working relationships between students and faculty are close and congenial. Social Psychology Brown Bag sessions are scheduled twice each month for students and faculty in the social psychology program as well as social psychologists from elsewhere on campus, and anyone else who care to attend. These informal sessions include research presentations by students and faculty as well as by other individuals on campus and occasional outside visitors. Brown Bag sessions also serve as a forum for open discussion of current literature, program-related issues, and topics related to professional development.

One distinctive characteristic of the Social Psychology program at Texas Tech is the opportunity for students to accumulate extensive teaching experience. Most first year students serve as a teaching assistant for a professor teaching a lecture course or as instructors of laboratory sections. Other opportunities are available to advanced students such as supervising the completion of individual research projects for an undergraduate research course. In addition, most students will have a number of opportunities to teach their own sections, under faculty supervision, of introductory psychology, social psychology, and other courses.