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Live Parrots in Class

Eevin Akers, a graduate student in the Experimental - Cognitive program, and General Psychology teacher, used her pet parrots as a live example for her students.

As part of a demonstration to better assimilate important aspects of the course, such as learning, memory, and cognition, the parrots would perform tricks for different kinds of reinforcement. Students would then write reflective papers, applying the psychological concepts they had learned in class to the real world. 

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Sean O’Bryan Wins CNS Graduate Student Award

Sean O’Bryan, a first year graduate student in the Experimental – Cognitive program, won Cognitive Neurosciences Society’s Graduate Student Award for his abstract submission to do with selective attention and base-rate neglect. 
Sean will be presenting his findings in a specially-recognized session at the 2015 CNS Annual meeting in San Francisco, CA.

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Dr. Clopton Honored by Eta Omicron Nu

Dr. Jim Clopton has won this month's Eta Omicron Nu (ΗΟΝ) Faculty Appreciation Award.

Eta Omicron Nu is a social and community service organization affiliated with the Texas Tech Honors College, emphasizing student involvement in the community.

Dr. Clopton has been teaching and practicing at Texas Tech as a part of the clinical division for 38 years. In that time he has also been an active part of the Lubbock community, working specifically with the homeless.

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Dr. Littlefield Receives Early Career Achievement Award

At the 48th Annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Convention, Dr. Andrew Littlefield will receive the Addictive Behaviors Special Interest Group’s Early Career Achievement Award. This award is given out every two years to newer doctors for their contribution to the field of addictive behaviors.

Dr. Littlefield received his Ph.D. in 2013, but first published in 2009, and continues to contribute to the understanding of drug and alcohol use. His work focuses on developmental change in alcohol involvement as it relates to personality, impulsivity, and motivation, from a variety of perspectives.

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TTU Showcases Dr. Davis's Neuroimaging Research

Dr. Davis standing in front of an fMRI
Cognitive faculty member Dr. Tyler Davis has been recognized in Texas Tech Today for his contributions to long-term memory research.  By using fMRI, Dr. Davis has studied why some new experiences feel familiar.  His work provides neurological evidence for global similarity models, which predicted that we judge familiarity by comparing a current experience to all of our storied memories, not just to those that are most recent or most relevant.  As Dr. Davis told Texas Tech Today, "We often feel like we are just retrieving that previous trip to that one particular restaurant when we are asked whether we'd been there before, but there is a lot of behavioral evidence that we activate many other memories as well when we judge familiarity."

Dr. Davis' general research interests are in categorization.  As well as working for the TTU psychology department, he is also the assistant director of the school's Neuroimaging Institute.  Congratulations to Dr. Davis for his success!

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Brittany Neilson Receives NASA TSGC Fellowship

Congratulations to human factors graduate student Brittany Neilson, whose hard work and dedication to space research has earned her the Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship.  This fellowship is funded through NASA and awarded to applicants who demonstrate excellence in academics as well as an interest in space.  Brittany is currently on internship at NASA Langley Research Center.  Great job representing TTU, Brittany!

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Outstanding Researcher Award Given to Dr. Bob Morgan

This spring, the Texas Tech College of Arts and Sciences presented Dr. Robert Morgan with one of two Outstanding Researcher Awards. Dr. Morgan, a John G. Skelton, Jr. Regents Endowed Professor in Psychology, has been at TTU since 2000 and specializes in forensics and correctional psychology. In addition, he is the Director of Forensic Services at StarCare Specialty Health System.

Previously, he has received the 2003 Early Career Achievement Award in Division 18 and the 2006 Outstanding Contribution to Science Award from the Texas Psychological Association. Congratulations to Dr. Morgan on his many achievements!

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Dr. Taraban is a 2014 Integrated Scholar

Congratulations to applied cognitive professor Dr. Roman Taraban for being designated a Texas Tech Integrated Scholar this year!  The Office of the Provost awards this distinction to faculty members who are outstanding in teaching, research, and service and who are able to successfully integrate these three functions.  Qualifications for Integrated Scholars include researching and publishing on teaching innovations and incorporating these innovations into their own classes. 

Dr. Taraban’s research focuses on language processing, writing comprehension, and engineering problem solving.  Previous scholarships and awards, such as a 2010 Fullbright Scholar grant and 2013 TTU President’s Excellence in Teaching Award, are testament to his long-held passion for teaching and learning.  More information on Dr. Taraban’s accomplishments and an interview with him about being an integrated scholar can be found in this article.  Our psychology department is lucky and proud to have him in our department! 

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Franklin V. Taylor Award Given to Dr. DeLucia

Dr. Patricia DeLucia can add the Franklin V. Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Applied Experimental/Engineering Psychology to her long list of accolades!  The head of the TTU human factors department is being recognized for her outstanding achievements in the field, including her research, publications, new contributions, and general leadership.  As part of the award, Dr. DeLucia is invited to give an extended presentation at the 2015 APA annual meeting. 

Dr. DeLucia’s research has spanned a large number of areas in human factors.  For example, she studies perception and its relation to transportation, healthcare, the military, and sports.  Because of her interest in healthcare and nursing, Dr. DeLucia is an adjunct professor in the TTU school of nursing in addition to being a full professor in the department of psychology.  

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Dr. Cukrowicz Receives the Edwin S. Shneidman Award

The American Association of Suicidology is giving the prestigious Edwin S. Shneidman Award to Dr. Kelly Cukrowicz, an associate professor in Tech’s clinical psychology program.   This award is named after the founding member of the American Association of Suicidology and is given to those, like Dr. Cukrowicz, who make ourstanding early-career contributions to research in suicidology.  Already, Dr. Cukrowicz’s contributions include more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and several funded grants.  Her research focuses on improving the understanding and identification of suicide risk in older adults with the goal to develop preventative and treatment methods. 

Congratulations, Dr. Cukrowicz, and best of luck in your promising career! 
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