Visual Perception and Human Factors Lab

Dr. Delucia
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DeLucia, P. R. (2011). Engineering Psychology for Technology: Technology-Mediated Treatment. Division 21. Presidential address delivered at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention. August 4, Washington, DC.

Address: MS 2051 Psychology Building, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-2051

Phone: (806) 742-3711, ext. 259

Fax: (806)742-0818

CV: 12/6/12

The Visual Perception and Human Factors Laboratory is directed by Dr. Patricia R. DeLucia. She is assisted by a very talented group of graduate and undergraduate students. Laboratory activities focus on basic research in visual perception of motion, depth, and collision with applications to transportation, healthcare, military, and sport. The pictures below show examples of the equipment we use to conduct research.

Driving Simulator
This position tracking system allows the driver to look around in an immersive display and interact with a second driver.

Large Field-of-View
A 6ft x 8ft screen and display projector and real-time interactive simulation software are used to conduct a variety of research projects that require large field-of-view and active control.

Laproscopic Surgery Simulator
A laparoscopic simulator built with a wooden box, miniature cameras and surgical graspers is used to measure perceptual-motor performance that is relevant to minimially-invasive surgery.

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