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Faculty Member - Experimental Psychology

Philip Marshall, Ph.D.


Professor of Psychology, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences.


Ph.D., 1972, University of Illinois, Champaign


Phone: (806) 834-8361

Fax: (806) 742-0818


Research Interests:

My research interests span several areas. I continue investigating continuous motor performance (tracking), especially among the elderly and certain clinical populations. I have several projects on the psychology of aesthetic production and appreciation that are in various stages of completion. I also have an emerging research and teaching interest in Human-Animal Interaction (see recent work below).

Selected Research:

  • Williamson, E.M., & Marshall, P.H. (2009) Motor control of the knee as a function of age and range of motion. Experimental Aging Research, 35, 457-468.
  • Williamson, E. M., & Marshall, P. H. (2012). Effects of age and task characteristics on continuous motor tracking performance. Experimental aging research, 38(4), 442-457.
  • Logue, E.M., Guthrie, M.F., Marshall, P.H., Hendrick, S.S., & Hendrick, C. (2011). Partners and pets: Romantic relationships and companion animal attitudes. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Washington, D.C., May, 2011.
  • Marshall, P.H., & Melichar, A. (in progress) A phenomenological analysis of earliest memories of companion animals (tentative title).