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Undergraduate Program - Assessment



  1. Psychology majors will have a broad knowledge base in psychology
  2. Psychology majors will be have knowledge of scientific methods and a strong ability to evaluate evidence.
  3. Psychology majors will have knowledge about applications of psychology.
  4. Psychology majors' multicultural awareness will increase during their undergraduate studies.
  5. Psychology majors will receive help with career planning and career development.

Assessments (Evaluation Methods)

  • Improvement on a knowledge test given at freshman orientation, at mid-career (filing of degree plan), and at graduation. (Assessing Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • Number of students who participate in research projects. (Assessing Goals 2 and 3)
  • Number of students who volunteer in the community. (Assessing Goal 3)
  • Specific assessments in courses designed to meet at least one of the five goals (Assessing Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)


We have just developed the knowledge test. It will be given three times to undergraduate majors beginning in Summer 2005. We have been using a mid-career and exit survey assessing students' satisfaction, some attitudes, and some of their activities. These data can be seen on our Annual Assessment report

Numbers of students volunteering and participating in research projects has increased from the mid-career survey to the exit survey. See our Annual Assessment report.

We have added five learning outcome goals for our undergraduate program. These are listed in our revised strategic plan under a new objective under Goal 2, Academic Excellence. The new Objective 2.2 is Improve undergraduate learning outcomes. The Strategies are to evaluate and measure the undergraduates' 1) breath of psychology knowledge, 2) training in scientific methods and the evaluation of evidence, 3) knowledge of applications of psychology, 4) multicultural awareness, and 5) career planning and development. We will continue to administer our survey at mid-career and at graduation. This survey presently assesses students' satisfaction with advising, their courses, the faculty, and their educational experience at Texas Tech. We will add items designed to specifically tap our learning outcome objectives on this survey. In addition, faculty will list the five goals that are relevant to their courses on each course syllabus. Faculty will include assessments of the goals in their courses. In addition, our Undergraduate Programs Committee is working on other specific assessments for each of these goals.