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Undergraduate Program - Major/Minor in Psychology


Requirements for Major (BA)

NOTE: The following requirements apply to students in the 2014 catalogue. Legacy students should consult the old requirements.

The required number of hours for the major is 35 hours, including 2 Writing Intensive (WI) courses. (Many courses are WI on a rotating basis. Courses that are always WI are indicated below.)

All psychology majors must complete a core program consisting of:

  • 1300. General Psychology
  • 2400. Statistical Methods
  • 3401. Research Methods (Prerequisite: PSY 2400)

All psychology majors must select at least one course from each of six groups:

Electives to fill the remaining hours:

The final 9 hours of elective courses may be any psychology courses not already taken to meet the above requirements. At least 21 hours of the total credits toward the major must be from 3000-4000 level courses. All psychology majors must select a minor. Grades below C will not be acceptable for fulfilling major, minor, or teacher certification requirements.

Writing Intensive Courses:

All psychology majors must complete 6 credit hours of writing intensive courses in the major.

The following courses are designated as writing intensive:
PSY 3301, 3318, 3401, 4300, 4310, and 4334

Other courses are designated as writting intensive on a rotating basis.

Minor Outside of Psychology:

All psychology majors are required to complete a minor outside of psychology. This minor may be in any discipline the student chooses.

General Education Requirements:

  • English (12 hours)
  • Oral Communication (3 hours)
  • Mathematics/Logical Reasoning (6 hours)
  • Foreign Language (6-16 hours)
  • Natural Science (8-12 hours)
  • American History (6 hours)
  • Political Science (6 hours)
  • Humanities (6 hours)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (6 hours)
  • Personal Fitness and Wellness (2 hours)
  • Multicultural Requirement (3 hours)
  • Individual and Group Behavior (6 hours)

General Education Requirements - Worksheet

Service Activities:

In addition to offering regularly structured courses, the department provides opportunities to participate in various research and service activities of faculty members. These are particularly valuable for the student who intends to pursue a career in psychology. Interested students should confer with an advisor or any of the faculty with whom you come into contact. Such activities may contribute to the completion of major and/ or minor requirements through enrollment in PSY 4000 during your Junior-Senior years. Majors who are headed to graduate school in psychology are strongly encouraged to take PSY 4000, Individual Problems, as an elective (for up to 6 hours towards the major or 12 hours towards degree). For more information regarding undergraduate research opportunities please visit our undergraduate research page.

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of total of 40 hours of junior and senior level 3000 and 4000 courses must be taken from the major, minor, electives, and or general division degree requirements.
  • A minimum of 120 hours are needed for graduation. Degree Plans must be filed when students complete a minimum of 60 credit hours.
  • Intent to graduate must filed within 12 months of the intended date of graduation.

The University is committed to allowing you to graduate in four years. Learn about this program at the Graduate on Time Website.

Requirements for Minor

Students wishing to minor in psychology must complete at least 18 credit hours in psychology, including PSY 1300 and at least 3 courses numbered at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Transfer Credits

Transfer students majoring in psychology must take at least 9 psychology credit hours from Texas Tech.

Transfer students minoring in psychology must take at least 6 psychology credit hours from Texas Tech.

Grades below C will not be accepted toward major or minor requirements.

BA/MA in Human Factors Psychology

The Human Factors Division offers a combined BA and MA program in human factors psychology. Please visit their site to get more information