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Stephen W. Cook - Counseling Psychology

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Publications/Presentations with Undergraduate Students

  • Cook, S. W., Borman, P. D., Moore, M., & Kunkel, M. A. (2000). College students' perceptions of spiritual people and religious people. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 28, 125-137.
  • Cook, S. W., & Hetrick, M. (2001, August). The relationship between religiousness/spirituality and health: A summary of recent reviews. In T. B. Smith & M. A. Fukuyama (Chairs), Spirituality and multicultural counseling: Implications for education, research, and practice. Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Reseach Interests

Stress and coping, psychology and religion, gender issues

Responsibilities and Expectations for Undergraduate Research Assistants

Students typically are engaged in assisting with various tasks associated with ongoing research studies: (1) providing feedback toward design and development, (2) piloting and feedback regarding survey questionnaires, (3) assembling of survey questionnaire packets, (4) data collection, (5) computerized data entry/coding, and (6) providing feedback on statistical analyses, results interpretation, oral presentations, and written manuscripts. The lab group typically meets for an hour every other week on Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students are expected to work up to three hours each week for every credit of PSY 4000 for which they are enrolled; students typically enroll for three credits of PSY 4000 during their initial semester of involvement.

Current Projects

  • God Image and Prayer Functions: Relations with Well-Being & Distress
  • Negative Social Interactions in Religious Settings
  • Coping with Cancer: Associations Among Religiousness, Religious Coping, Health Locus of Control, & Psychological Functioning
  • Forgiveness and Relationship Infidelity
  • Psychometric Properties of Feminist Ideology Scale Scores
  • Religiousness and Health Disparities Among Rural People
  • Resource Loss, Religiousness, and Posttraumatic Growth Following Hurricane Katrina
  • Psychological Variables and Chronic Pain Experience
  • Associations Among Religious Problem Solving, Health Locus of Control, and Well-being
  • Masculinity and Religiousness
  • Psychometric Properties of the Prayer Functions Scale
  • Associations Between Religiousness and Volunteering

*Many of these projects are directed by doctoral students.