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Gregory Mumma - Clinical

Contact Information

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  • If you are interested, please contact my graduate lab coordinator, who is presently Cortney Mauer. When you email Cortney, please include your major(s) and GPA in your email.

Publications/Presentations with Undergraduate Students

  • Eason, L.R. (2007: April). Negative life events and depression mediated by attributions and coping. Paper presented at the 53rd Annual Convention of the Southwestern Psychological Association, Dallas, TX. Paper won second place in undergraduate research competition. Research supervised by Phil N. Smith and G. H. Mumma.
  • Smith, P. N., Mumma, G. H., Riggins, J. M., Fluck, J. R., & Benitscheck, T. J. (2005, November). Discriminant validity of dimensions of self-reported cognitions: Ratings of frequency and intensity of thought versus strength of belief. Poster presented at the 39th Annual Convention of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Washington, D.C.
  • Benitscheck, T.J., Smith, P.N. Fluck, J.R., & Mumma, G.H. (2005, April) Evaluating the dimensional structure of event appraisals. Poster presented at the 2005 Llano Estacado Undergraduate Psychology Research Colloquium, Lubbock, Tx.

Reseach Interests

Cognitive-behavioral assessment, case formulation, and treatment planning; idiographic assessment; multivariate time series models

Responsibilities and Expectations for Undergraduate Research Assistants

Students assist in studies on the individualized cognitive behavioral assessment and treatment of adults with comorbid depression and anxiety disorders. Specifically, students assist in administering measures, data entry, setting up and coding videotapes of sessions, monitoring on-line individualized questionnaires, and basic statistical analyses. Students are expected to complete readings in cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral assessment, and clinical case formulation. There are opportunities to become involved (at authorship level) in studies to be presented at regional and national conventions.

Requirements: Psychology GPA at least 3.3. Minimum two long-semester commitment (or one long semester and both summer sessions).