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Providing research experiences for students has become a widely recognized and accepted goal of a college education. Through undergraduate research experiences, students in Psychology participate in a range of activities that draw them into the contemporary culture of psychological science and integrate them more fully into the practice of inquiry and research. The National Research Council, the National Science Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and others, recommend that all undergraduate students be encouraged to pursue research projects, and that they get involved in research as early as is practical in their school programs. This has been achieved, in part, by getting students to work on research projects in lab and field settings under the guidance of faculty mentors, beginning as early as their freshman and sophomore years.

Clinical Psychology

Joaquin Borrego

Research interests: parenting interventions, family violence (child physical abuse and domestic violence), the influence of culture on parenting and discipline practices, ethnic minority populations, and clinical behaviour analysis.

Jennifer Brown

Research interests: Behavioral medicine, HIV/AIDS prevention, interventions to promote health behaviour engagement, adaptation to chronic illness, and the psychosocial functioning of HIV infected individuals.

James R. Clopton

Research interests: personality assessment, eating disorders

Lee Cohen

Research Interests: health psychology, behavioral and physiological mechanisms that contribute to addictive and unhealthy behaviors; in particular, cigarette smoking and problematic drinking

Kelly Cukrowicz

Research Interests: mood disorders and suicidal behaviour, cognitive behaviour therapy

Catherine Epkins

Research Interests: child assessment; social, cognitive, and family aspects of childhood depression and anxiety; child psychopathology

Andrew Littlefield

Research interests: developmental change in alcohol involvement as it relates to personality development, drinking motives, acquisition of adult roles, and genetic and environmental factors.

Gregory Mumma

Research Interests: Cognitive-behavioural assessment, case formulation, and treatment planning; ideographic assessment; multivariate time series models.

Jason Van Allen

Research Interests: health behaviour change among children, adolescence, and their families, specifically relating to goal-attainment processes among children with obesity.

Counseling Psychology

Stephen Cook

Research Interests: stress and coping, psychology and religion, gender issues

Sheila Garos

Research Interests: human sexual behaviour, substance abuse, behavioural addictions, temptation bias, and women's OB/GYN health.

Robert Morgan

Research Interests: correctional mental health, forensic assessment, and training and professional development.

Mike Parent

Research Interests: the intersections of gender, sexuality, and behavioural health, motivations for steroid use, behavioural factors of HIV testing, professional training, and research methods.

Brandy PiƱa-Watson

Research Interests: Latina/o adolescent and emerging adult depression, particularly within the Mexican American population, with a mind to individual, familial, cultural, and sociological factors.

Steven Richards

Research Interests: depression, comorbidities of depression (such as eating disorders), depression contagion, self-managed depression, and how depression is influenced by relationships, proximity to friends and home, and chronic health problems.

Christine Robitschek

Research Interests: positive psychology, multicultural aspects of personal growth initiative, implications of personal growth initiative for health/illness and interventions.

Experimental Psychology - Cognitive

Tyler Davis

Research Interests: investigation of formation and representation of categories from a multi-disciplinary approach utilizing behavioural research methods, computational modelling, and fMRI.

Philip Marshall

Research Interests: motor performance among the elderly and certain clinical populations, aesthetic production and appreciation, and human-animal interaction.

Michael Serra

Research Interests: Multimedia (e.g., visual and verbal materials, comic books, video games) and Multimedia Learning (e.g., learning from text with diagrams, causal learning diagrams), Metacognition (thinking about thinking), Reading Comprehension, Memory, Education (learning and studying).

Roman Taraban

Research Interests: categorization, language learning, comprehension, study behaviours.

Alice Young

Research Interests: psychopharmacology, discriminative and reinforcing effects of drugs and the roles of receptor-mediated processes in the development of drug tolerance and dependence

Experimental Psychology - Human Factors

Pat DeLucia

Research Interests: visual perception (judgements about motion, depth and collisions) and applications for driving (e.g., rear-end collisions), healthcare (e.g., nursing and camera surgery), military (e.g., night vision goggles), and sport (e.g., batting, officiating). For more information see my research page.

Jamie Gorman

Research Interests: team coordination dynamics (team-level cognition and motor skills), teamwork, training in applied domains (remote vehicle operation), and team decision making.

Keith Jones

Research Interests: human-computer interaction, internet navigation and accessibility

Tina Klein

Research Interests: subjective measures of stress and workload, laproscopic and robotic surgery, and errors in medicine.

Experimental Psychology - Social

Jessica Alquist

Research Interests: self-control and its affects on physical health, agency, uncertainty, emotion, and how belief in free will can affect behaviour.

Zachary Hohman

Research Interests: group processing, intergroup relations, self-concept, and persuasion, and their impact on health behaviours.

Molly Ireland

Research Interests: natural language use in conversation, online, in personal writing, and in literature, with a focus on language style and word use.

Amelia Talley

Research Interests: intra and interpersonal functioning during times of stress, sexual identity, and psychosocial adjustment and physical health in the face of stigma and threats to self-concept.

Experimental Psychology - General

Rosemary Cogan

Research Interests: dynamics and treatment of partner and stranger violence, violence and health, quantitative research in psychoanalysis