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Chris Robitschek - Counseling

Contact Information

Publications/Presentations with Undergraduate Students

  • Whittaker, A. E., Burnett, A., Karim, N., Robitschek, C., Mohnot, H., & Taylor, M. (August, 2003). Multidimensional family functioning revisited: Personal growth initiative among Hispanic individuals. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Toronto.

Reseach Interests

positive psychology, multicultural aspects of personal growth initiative, implications of personal growth initiative for health/illness and interventions

Responsibilities and Expectations for Undergraduate Research Assistants

Students in my lab typically register for 3 credits of Psy 4000 and participate in lab activities approximately 10 hours per week each semester. We have weekly lab meetings that include all members of the lab. The responsibilities of students enrolled in Psy 4000 vary depending on the current studies. Often these responsibilities include recruiting research participants, collecting data, entering data, trouble-shooting complex data collections, and helping other team members with their questions/problems with other studies.

All members of the lab are expected to participate fully in lab meetings, making contributions and asking questions during discussions appropriate to their level of academic development.

Current Projects

  • Development of the Personal Growth Initiative Scale - II. This is a large scale research project. We are collecting data on the initial pool of items for this revised scale. From these data we will reduce the number of items on each subscale to create the final version of the scale. We also are collecting data for the purpose of testing the convergent and discriminant validity of the new scale.
  • Validation of Personal Growth Initiative Scale Scores with an Aging Mexican American Population. We are in the process of developing a study to test the validity of the original Personal Growth Initiative Scale (PGIS) in this population. Prior research has provided evidence for the PGIS with aging European Americans and for Mexican American college students, but not yet with an aging Mexican American population.