Texas Tech University

Lip Sync Battle

Contest Rules

  • The theme of this contest is Let's Talk About Money
  • Your team will be judged on Choreography, Energy of Performance, and Creativity
  • Your team must be made up of 2-6 current Texas Tech students
  • In the time span of your performance, you must use a word or multiple words related to money at least 3 times. Examples include: money, bills, bling, cash, gold, dollars, etc.
  • You must use the radio edit of your song if applicable
  • Your song may not explicity promote sex, illegal drugs, and/or alcohol use. Note: Don't let this hinder you, songs on the radio are okay
  • In an effort to prevent songs from being used more than once, the team that submits their forms and song choice first will be able to perform that song.
  • Your performance must be at least 60 seconds long, but exceed no longer than 2 minutes
  • Your performance must be in good taste. We have the right to interrupt any performance that is offensive. As such, appropriate attire must be worn throughout the entire performance. Contestants will be asked to show up in their costumes. Any team not meeting this standard will not go on stage.
  • You must submit your song for approval and have all forms submitted to Red to Black before October 1, 2016. We highly recommend you submit your forms and song before this date in case there are any problems with your song choice.
  • An approval email must be received from Red to Black in order to compete in this competition. These will be sent out as soon as you have submitted your forms and your song choice is approved.

Think you can win?

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Please include your team name in your email