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Across Time and Territory: The NRHC Story

 During the construction of the North Addition, many existing gallery spaces underwent  renovation. Part of the expansion and renovation project was the creation of a new permanent exhibit which tells the story of the NRHC. Read More


Donna Howell-Sickles Retrospective

Texas artist Donna Howell-Sickles draws her inspiration from myths and metaphors of the American West and mixes them with her own vision and style. Read More

Steady in the Saddle: Stirrups from the NRHC Collection

The stirrup is an essential part of any cowboy's riding gear and it has evolved over the centuries to take on many different shapes and styles. This exhibit features some of the best examples of stirrups in the NRHC collection. The exhibit features many different kinds of stirrups from around the world. Read More

Spencer Rifle


Western Visionaries

Twenty-five people who made a difference in the development of the American West are featured in a new National Ranching Heritage Center exhibit titled “Western Visionaries & Unsung Heroes.” The exhibit runs from Aug. 25 through May 12, 2013, in the Mary Belle Macy Gallery. Read More

Faces of the NRHC by Paul Milosevich

Noted American artist Paul Milosevich has turned his talent to painting everything from cars to clouds, but is portraits have earned him scores of commissions. The McKanna Gallery features portraits that Paul created several portraits of people who are special to the NRHC and its continued growth and development. Read More.

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The NRHC offers patrons a growing list of digital media productions ranging from exhibit materials to interviews with people from the ranching community. Read More.

Burk Burnett Library and Reading Room

The Burk Burnett Library and Reading Room offer a growing collection of books and periodicals on ranching as well as a pleasant environment for research. Read More.

Reading Room


Call for Donations

Help us grow by donating art and artifacts to the NRHC collections. Read More.

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