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 Missing From the Map: Old County Seats of Texas
by Bob Brinkman 

Weather Watchers
by Dr. Gary Lindsey

In the Old West: The Water Wagon
by Lenore McKevley Puhek  

The Fine Art of Weather in the American West 
by Marsha Pfluger 

The Time(s) It Never Rained
by Marsha Pfluger 

The Wind
by Dorothy Scarborough


Beef for the Bluecoats 
by Henry Crawford 

Saddle Catalogs - The Working Cowboy's Wish Book
by Stephen Zimmer

Ranch Profile: Buchanan Ranch
by Nathalee Taylor 

A "Giant" Gala Preview
by Marsha Pfluger  

Educator's Corner: Museums Enriching Communities
by Stephanie Gray 

Closing Thoughts: Sounds 

"Panhandle Wind" 

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