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Wildfire maquette


Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire is an outdoor art installation, which opened October 7, 2011, which educates the public as to the causes of wildfire both environmental and human; its effect on the surrounding environment including plants and animals; fire prevention and the purpose of prescribed burning.

Internationally known sculptor Herb Williams of Nashville, TN, designed, created and installed 5 freestanding, three-dimensional sculptures of wildfire using the media of Crayola crayons for the National Ranching Heritage Center. Because each sculpture is made of wax, they are melting and changing shape in the unpredictable outdoor conditions. Moreover, each piece of art will continue to be altered by blowing wind and dry conditions such as those that affect the intensity and duration of real wildfire. The colorful crayons provide a striking contrast to the dry, brown landscape and are reminiscent of an actual wildfire and its destructive aftermath.



Educational programming is occurring throughout the duration of the exhibit, which continued through December 2011. Programs will focus on raising awareness of wildfire, causes (environmental and human), its effect on the surrounding environment (such as animals and plants), fire prevention and the purpose of prescribed burning. Programming will vary from early childhood through adult.

This new type of exhibition for the National Ranching Heritage Center is raising awareness in a unique way of an environmental ranching concern and has already garnered much national and international attention.

Our first outdoor art installation, "Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire" by Herb Williams is now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported this project! There are plans for the installation to travel to other locations. To stay updated on where it will be next, see photos of the sculptures, read reviews on the installation and learn more about artist Herb Williams please like the Portrait of Wildfire Facebook page.

Learn more at the Wildfire Installation Press page.

All photographs on this page are by Ashton Thornhill

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