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The Four Sixes Ranch

This exhibit tells the story of the Burk Burnett family and the development of the Four Sixes Ranch. Throughout four generations, the Four Sixes has grown to become one of the largest and most influential ranches in Texas history.
Educator's Guide Includes:
Lesson plans
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - 4th grade
Activity pages for students
Glossary of terms
Web site references
Bibliography of related books
1. History of the Four Sixes Ranch
2. Burning the Brand
TLW identify the purpose of branding and learn to read brands. They will compare and contrast branding practices of the past and today and discuss ways ranches use brands to express a quality or ideal.
TEKS: History 4.4, Social Studies 4.23
3. Four Generations of Sixes
TLW use primary sources to interpret history and will learn about the development of the Four Sixes Ranch through four generations.
TEKS: Social Studies 4.22(A), 4.23
4. Trouble on the Trail
TLW trace the history of ranching and identify problems and solutions to keeping the ranching industry alive during the 1870s and 1880s. Students will use decision-making skills to solve problem situations on the ranch.
TEKS: History 4.4(B), Social Studies 4.24, Geography 4.9(A)
5. Quanah Parker: Man of Two Worlds
TLW identify Quanah Parker as the last of the Comanche War Chiefs and recognize his contributions as a peacemaker between the Comanche Nation and Texas cattlemen. TLW convey Quanah Parker's leadership by writing a descriptive poem.
TEKS: Geography 4.9, Social Studies 4.23, History 4.4
6. Historic Firearms
TLW identify four types of firearms and determine their historical significance.
TEKS: Social Studies 4.22
7. Horses with a History
TLW identify traits of the American Quarter Horse, compare breeds of different heights and learn to read the pedigree of a horse.
TEKS: Economics 4.13, Social Studies 4.22
8. The Four Sixes Ranch Today
9. Glossary of Terms
10. Ranching History Web Resources
11. Four Sixes Educator's Guide Bibliography