Texas Tech University

Student Checklist

The Rawls College of Business Center for Global Engagement is the starting point for your study abroad process as a business student. Your advisor in this office will help you pick your program, ensure that your classes will work for your degree, and guide you to get the most out of your study abroad as a business student. We are located in the Rawls College of Business room 119.

The Texas Tech Study Abroad Office is the University office for study abroad. The advisor within this office will help you through the Texas Tech University required paperwork for studying abroad, approve non-business classes for you to take abroad, offer visa and passport support, and provide pre-departure orientations.  This office is located within the International Cultural Center at Indiana and 4th Street.

Both the CGE and the TTU Study Abroad offices will be communicating with you and helping you throughout your study abroad process.  You will have separate requirements, deadlines, paperwork, and meetings from each office.


Interest (9 months to 3 years prior to travel date)

  • Create a calendar for all of your study abroad deadlines and activities.
  • Attend a Rawls CGE Information Session (held every Monday and Tuesday @ 4:00pm in BA 271)
  • Meet with a CGE Advisor (1-5 days after CGE Info Session, BA 119).
  • Explore options presented and narrow down to your top 2-3 choices.
  • Attend TTU Study Abroad Information Session  (held Monday-Friday at 4:00 pm in the International Cultural Center).
  • Meet with TTU Study Abroad Advisor.Meet with CGE Advisor before TTU Pre-Registration each semester prior to study abroad to ensure correct course scheduling.
  • Explore Financial Aid and Scholarship Options.
  • Talk to teachers, family, and friends about your plans.
  • Once you know which program you are interested in, consider the costs and the listed application requirements. It's also a good idea to start researching a little deeper into the country. Don't be shy to ask for contact information of former study abroad students. They'll give you invaluable advice.

Decision (6-12 months prior to travel date)

  • Meet with CGE Advisor to choose final program and plan final course list.
  • Map out what scholarships you plan to apply for and put application deadlines in your calendar.
  • Meet with Nikki Nordell to work out Financial Aid (if needed).
  • Speak with professors to plan who will write you letters of reference for applications and scholarships.
  • Gather transcripts.

Application(s) (3-5 months prior to travel date)

  • Meet with CGE Advisor to fill out Foreign Study Agreement and Returning Semester Course List.
  • Make sure all appropriate application deadlines and meetings are in your calendar.
  • Meet with TTU Study Abroad Advisor to start TTU Study Abroad Application (1-5 days after filling out FSA with your CGE Advisor).
  • Start TTU Study Abroad Application at www.studyabroad.ttu.edu (1-5 days after meeting with your TTU Study Abroad Advisor).
  • Apply for a passport or get a copy of your passport.
  • Start applying for scholarships.
  • Start Program Provider Application (if applicable).
  • Keep up with application and paperwork checklists from TTU Study Abroad and your Program Provider.
  • Familiarize yourself with your host country's language and culture. Soak up culture books and guides, films, music, food, websites, and anything else related to your soon-to-be host country.
  • Make sure to ask your CGE Advisor before making any changes to your program or classes. Follow TTU Study Abroad instructions for getting a visa, if needed.
  • Apply for a credit card that can be used worldwide (optional). In many locations a regular US credit card will work just fine but in some locations, if your credit card does not have a chip, it will not function.

Congratulations! You are accepted into your program! (1-3 months prior to travel date)

  • Commit to your program on the TTU Study Abroad Application. (Once you commit, you are liable for costs associated with your program).
  • Purchase your flight.
  • Attend mandatory CGE Workshop.
  • Attend mandatory TTU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Do your research on places you want to travel. Have a plan, but be ready to make changes once you get to your location!

A Few Weeks Before

  • Call your bank and inform them of your travel locations and dates.
  • Do you take medicine? Make sure you have enough, and that it is legal in your destination country.
  • Pack, making sure to know the size and weight limitations of your airline(s).

1 Week Before

  • Pack your carry-on bag. Include passport, airline ticket, emergency contact information, address and telephone numbers of destination contacts, one change of clothes, toothpaste and brush, wallet with cash and credit cards, documents and valuables. Know what is allowed and not allowed by your chosen airlines.
  • Bon Voyage! Don't miss your flight!!!

Day of Departure

  • Arrive at the airport well ahead of time. That means 3 hours or so before your departure time.
  • If the plane is delayed and someone is going to pick you up, let them know about it! (common courtesy)
  • If no one is picking you up at the airport, know which cab company to take, bus to catch, etc. Arriving in an unknown city and taking the first cab offer that comes your way can cost you.

Arrival in Host Country

  • Call your parents or guardian/best friend to say you've arrived safely. Attend orientation meetings, excursions, lunches, and other events offered by your program. That way you'll also start getting to know your classmates and coordinators – people you'll be seeing on a daily basis.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, watch your safety (and wallet) and if you need assistance, ask for it. No need for paranoia, though. Flashing your wallet and paying with large notes at a kiosk is not too smart; neither is assuming everyone is out to rob you.
  • Avoid making disparaging comparisons. Comments like "How can people live without a garbage disposal? Yuck! America is way more civilized." are not exactly going to endear you to the locals.
  • Confirm your class schedule with your CGE Advisor (immediately upon receiving your schedule).
  • Vive la différence! (That's French for "Long Live the Difference!") Yes, it's different, but that's why you're there, right?

Getting Ready to Return

  • Make sure that your transcripts will be sent to the following address, if applicable: Credit Coordinator, Office of International Affairs, 601 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409.
  • Ready yourself for the transition of going back home. Make sure you've tied all the loose ends, such as arranging the details of where and with whom you'll be living once you return.
  • Say thank you to everyone who has contributed to your experience. Try not to forget your goodbyes.

Upon Your Return

  • Fill out the CGE Returning Survey.
  • Become a Rawls Diplomat.
  • Work with TTU Study Abroad if needed on any non-business credit.
  • Turn in your photos for entry into the CGE Photo Contest by bringing a flash drive with your photos to your CGE Advisor in BA 119.
  • Turn in your video for entry into the CGE Video Contest by bringing a flash drive with your video to your CGE Advisor in BA 119.
  • Meet with the Rawls Career Management Center to work on adding study abroad to your resume.
  • Investigate going on another program or doing an international internship!