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Rawls Assessment


The Rawls College of Business will be nationally recognized as a leader in assessment and quality improvement in business education.


To develop processes of information flow, interpretation, and reporting that culminate in meaningful and useful feedback to faculty and administrators regarding the outcomes of Rawls College of Business undergraduate and graduate business training. An essential component of this mission is the development of ongoing dialogue with departments and areas regarding assessment foci and well-targeted "referral questions."

Mission Methods

  • Coordinating Rawls College of Business assessment efforts
  • Providing resources and assistance for: identifying and crafting learning outcomes; locating, summarizing, communicating, and interpreting accreditation policy, requirements, and guidelines; identifying data sources; and managing, summarizing, longitudinal tracking and reporting of data
  • Reporting, interpreting, and providing feedback from assessment to internal and external stakeholders
  • Publication, presentation and participation in regional and national educational assessment conferences

Student Learning Outcomes for the Rawls College of Business (SLOs)

Bachelor's Degrees

Master's Degrees


Assessment Philosophy and Ethics

  • Good feedback communication comes from an ongoing and effective dialogue that identifies appropriate assessment target constructs.
  • Valid data comes from motivated participants, and a solid plan for gathering data. Valid data does not occur accidentally, except by chance.
  • Useful feedback requires systematically gathering the relevant data from the profusion of possible sources.

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