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Master of Science in Business Administration (Emphasis in Business Statistics) - Program Requirements

The skills utilized by business statisticians impact every aspect of the business world, including management, decision-making, organizational structure and forecasting. The Master of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Statistics provides students the required quantitative analysis skills to thrive in today’s ever-changing and advanced industry. The program allows students to develop a deeper understanding of these skills and to know how to apply them toward vital decisions made by an organization. 

Program Requirements - 30 credit hours

Core Courses - 15 credit hours

Core Courses
ISQS 5331 Information Technology and Operations Management
ISQS 5347 Advanced Statistical Methods
ISQS 5348 Applied Distribution-Free Statistics in Business
ISQS 5349 Regression Analysis
ISQS 6348 Applied Multivariate Analysis
ISQS 6349 Advanced Business Forecasting

Electives - 12 credit hours

Students will select 12 credit hours (five courses) of business-relevant graduate coursework which must be approved by the Program Graduate Advisor.

Capstone Requirement - 3 credit hours

ISQS 6347 - Data and Text Mining for Business Intelligence
Students must earn a "B" or better to graduate from the program. 


While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the Rawls College of Business reserves the right to make changes to pertinent information including but not limited to degree plans and program requirements. 

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