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Master of Science in Data Science Online Degree

August 9, 2017 | By: Kaitlin York 

General Pic. Master of Science in Data Science

The Rawls College of Business will offer its Master of Science in Data Science online starting in the Fall 2018 semester. This STEM degree consists of 12 courses and can be completed in one year. Students learn how to use advanced technologies to manipulate big data, utilize rigorous statistical methods to interpret the data and obtain the business skills necessary to translate their understanding into actionable organizational strategies. Read the Q&A below answered by the Program Director Eric Walden to learn more about the online degree.

Why did the college decide to offer the degree online?

We want to help skilled professionals become even better. However, skilled professionals are already in high demand, which means they have jobs that they do not want to give up to relocate and come back to college. The online degree will enable individuals already in industry the opportunity to pursue a master's degree without having to give up their job or disrupt their personal commitments.

What sets this program apart from other one-year data science programs?

Texas Tech is a well-respected public institution, and the Rawls College's Area of ISQS is one of the best in the world. We are also a public institution which means we can offer a quality educational experience at a very competitive price. I am not aware of any other programs offered where you can get the amount of quality for the price you have to pay.

What are some benefits to potential students by offering the degree online?

Online education has some inherent benefits. We can break the lessons down into small, manageable pieces, which is a how people learn best. Moreover, people can take these lessons when and where they desire. There are no more 7:00 a.m. classes, unless that is what the student wants. The student chooses when and where he or she wants to learn.

When will the online option become available?

We are accepting applications for the online program now for a Fall 2018 start.

Are there any special scholarships or financial aid available for students pursuing the online degree?

We have a small number of highly competitive scholarships that will be awarded to the most qualified applicants.

Will students in the online program start as a cohort or individually?

Students will be in cohorts with other online students and will be required to adhere to fixed deadlines. They will be required to work on and submit group projects. Group work will have to be coordinated remotely.

Will students only be able to start in the fall or can students be accepted in other semesters as well?

At this time, cohorts will only be admitted every fall.

Will there be any industry guest speakers or opportunities to network with peers and alumni?

The students will be interacting with each other remotely and individual classes will host guest speakers.

What are some specific requirements of students completing the online degree?

Students will never be required to come to campus, but will need internet access and a computer.

What will be the structure of the online program?

Courses will most likely be delivered through Blackboard.


For more information, please contact the Program Director Eric Walden at eric.walden@ttu.edu.