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Second City Hosts Improvisational Workshop For RBLP Students

September 25, 2017 | By: Chelsea Grunden 

RBLP Improv


The Second City, an improvisational comedy group from Chicago, hosted a workshop for job interviews and interpersonal skills for Rawls Business Leadership Program students on Sept. 22.

The two-hour class featured several different social exercises, which helped students feel comfortable, both with networking and body language skills.

"It was fun to get to work with other RBLP members in the exercises Second City gave us," junior finance major Garrett Robinson said. "My favorite exercise was one where we needed to act like an expert on a certain topic. We were split up into groups of three and one of our group members gave us a topic that we had to speak about for 30 seconds. My topic was a certain restaurant and I had to make up the history of the restaurant while sounding very confident in my story."

Another exercise Second City gave the class was another three-person group improvisation assignment, in which one student would pitch an idea of where to go for Spring Break to the other two students. In the first scenario, the other two students would disagree with the location and give a reason why. In the second scenario, the two other group members would say "yes, but" and give an objection. In the third scenario, the group members would say "yes, and," agreeing with the idea while expanding upon it.

Another exercise students performed was creating a story in teams. The small teams were given a topic and had to work together to make a story as a team until the story was complete.

To view more pictures from the event, please visit the Rawls College Flickr Account. 

About RBLP

RBLP, which was established in fall 2013, creates a dynamic learning experience designed to provide students with real-world knowledge and experiences to excel in leadership roles. The program focuses on developing "complete students" who possess both a strong academic foundation and real-world experience necessary to be innovative and ethical leaders. The four elements of the program include experiential living and learning opportunities, real-world application, international experience and interactive personal development with a designated professional mentor. While this program is not an independent major, it is designed to enhance one's learning experience at the Rawls College by providing students the opportunity to participate in action-based leadership activities applicable to all business majors.

For more information about the program, visit the RBLP website or contact Mayukh Dass at mayukh.dass@ttu.edu.