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RBLP Students Receive Mindfulness Training by Logan Thompson

October 3, 2017 | By: Kaitlin York 

RBLP Mindfulness

Logan Thompson trained Rawls Business Leadership Program (RBLP) students on mindfulness on Sept. 29. Mindfulness is generally defined at a state of active, open attention on the present by being aware of one's thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment.

Thompson received his B.B.A. at the University of Georgia and MBA at Vanderbilt. He has been practicing mindfulness ever since discovering the concept nine years ago and currently teaches it full-time.

After introducing himself, Thompson asked the students what they wanted to get out of the training. Answers included stressing less, worrying less and focusing on what is important in life.

He went on to ask the students to stay silent and focus on themselves throughout the training. He started off by conducting what he called a "body inventory," where he asked the students to focus on a specific part of their body at a time and then move on to the next.

He then pointed out that the present time is never perfect and people are always chasing something. He demonstrated this by asking students to list reasons why the current moment is not the best moment in their life and to explore what they want now versus what they want in the future.

He then asked students to write down negative things they think about themselves and discuss them in groups. Next, he asked them to address what they had written by responding to each negative thing as they would expect a friend to do.

To view more pictures from the event, please visit the Rawls College Flickr account.The next RBLP speaker will be Tracy Bacon, chief operating officer of First Capital Bank of Texas, on Oct. 13.

About RBLP

RBLP, which was established in fall 2013, creates a dynamic learning experience designed to provide students with real-world knowledge and experiences to excel in leadership roles. The program focuses on developing "complete students" who possess both a strong academic foundation and real-world experience necessary to be innovative and ethical leaders. The four elements of the program include experiential living and learning opportunities, real-world application, international experience and interactive personal development with a designated professional mentor. While this program is not an independent major, it is designed to enhance one's learning experience at the Rawls College by providing students the opportunity to participate in action-based leadership activities applicable to all business majors.

For more information about the program, visit the RBLP website or contact Mayukh Dass at mayukh.dass@ttu.edu.