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Student Org. Spotlight: Multicultural Student Business Association

October 23, 2017 | By: Casey Montalvo 

MSBA Group


The Multicultural Student Business Association (MSBA) serves to create a diverse community of leaders within the Rawls College and ultimately impacts all of Texas Tech. Its members create an open setting to discuss topics that seem to divide the workplace and use these discussions to impact business culture in a positive way. Francisco Delgadillo, who is the MSBA advisor and faculty director for diversity and associate professor of practice in ISQS, established the MSBA in 2012.

"The MSBA was founded in an effort to create a student organization at the Rawls College that cultivates an inclusive climate, prepares students for the global marketplace and celebrates diversity by engaging with people who bring different sets of experiences, values and views," Delgadillo said.

MSBA provides members of the organization with information about social issues and how social issues can affect their personal and professional life, as well as being able to voice their opinions and experiences freely to other MSBA members because of its close-knit environment. MSBA also gives its members a chance to volunteer and get more involved within the Rawls College.

"I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of students," Laura Montoya, internal vice president of MSBA, said. "I love talking to others about MSBA's vision of helping create socially conscience professionals. It is a club open to all students at Tech because we feel that our discussions about things-such as bias and microaggressions-can be applied to any branch of study."

In the Spring 2017 semester, a group of MSBA students traveled to the Texas Diversity Conference in Houston. They also worked with Texas Tech Admissions and visited Lewis Career and Technical High School where MSBA students had the opportunity to recruit for Texas Tech.

"At the conference, our MSBA students learned that to remain competitive in a global economy, firms must maintain diversity and inclusion within their workforce," Delgadillo said. "Our MSBA students also did an outstanding job recruiting for our college and university, and it was a rewarding and memorable trip for everyone involved."

MSBA is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff across colleges at Texas Tech. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must be willing to discuss controversial topics with an open mind to join. Members are required to pay dues, which are $30 per semester or $50 per year. The next meeting is on Nov. 14.