Texas Tech University

Michael Joseph Kennedy, M.A.

Mike Kennedy

Instructor, Consultant - Business Communication

Education: M.A., Texas Tech University (1983)
Area of Expertise: American Literature, Business Communication, Malacology

Phone: 806.834.3461
Office Hours: 1:00 - 2:00pm Tuesday & Thursday 10-11am Monday
Room Number:139B

Email: mike.kennedy@ttu.edu

About Mike

Mr. Kennedy received his M.A. in English (American Literature) from Texas Tech University, his B.A. in Political  Science from the University of Florida, and his A.A. from Gulf Coast Community College. Before coming back to Texas Tech, he had worked as an English instructor at Texas Tech, Investigation Supervisor at Lubbock County Children's Protective Services and as a Private Investigator for Western Investigation and Security Enterprises.


Managerial Communications: Workbook - 2012

Awards and Honors


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