Texas Tech University

School of Accounting - Faculty and Staff

Name Job Title
Allen, Roberta, M.S. in Accounting Allen, Roberta, M.S. in Accounting Instructor
Bigbee, Kristen, M.S. Bigbee, Kristen, M.S. Instructor
Carrasco, Heather Carrasco, Heather Assistant Professor
Chi, Sabrina Chi, Sabrina
Collins, Denton, Ph.D. Collins, Denton, Ph.D. Jerry S. Rawls Professor
Collins, Allison, Ph.D., CPA Collins, Allison, Ph.D., CPA Associate Professor of Practice
Cook, Kirsten, Ph.D. Cook, Kirsten, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Crosby, Michelle Crosby, Michelle Academic Administrative Coordinator
Fleischman, Gary, Ph.D. Fleischman, Gary, Ph.D. Professor
Haislip, Jacob, Ph.D. Haislip, Jacob, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Hart, Matthew, Ph.D. Hart, Matthew, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Lynn, Quepha, M.S. in Accounting Lynn, Quepha, M.S. in Accounting Instructor
Ma, Tao, Dr. Assistant Professor of Accounting
Masselli, John, Ph.D. Masselli, John, Ph.D. Haskell Taylor Professor of Taxation
Moore, Celinda Moore, Celinda Instructor
Oler, Derek, Ph.D. Oler, Derek, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Pantoya, Damian, Instructor Pantoya, Damian, Instructor
Pasewark, William, Ph.D. Pasewark, William, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, Webster Professor of Business
Ricketts, Robert, Ph.D. Ricketts, Robert, Ph.D. Frank M. Burke Chair in Taxation, Department Head
Romi, Andrea, Ph.D. Romi, Andrea, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Scott, Bret
Viator, Ralph, Ph.D. Viator, Ralph, Ph.D. Clark and Lois Webster Professor
Wu, Yi-Jing, Ph.D. Wu, Yi-Jing, Ph.D. Associate Professor