Texas Tech University

Jeffrey H Burkhardt, Ph.D., FHFMA

Jeffrey Burkhardt

Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Health Organization Management, Director - Health Organization Management

Education:  Ph.D. University of Michigan (1995)

Phone: 806.834.2137
Office Hours:
Room Number: 221

Email:  jeffrey.burkhardt@ttu.edu


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Current Research

Awards and Honors

Fellow, Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA), 2002
Yerger Award for outstanding performance in education, Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2012 
Muncie Gold Merit Award, Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2010
Robert M. Coats Outstanding Member Award 2009 - 2010, Alabama Chapter, Healthcare Financial Management Association
The Reeves Silver Award Winner, Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2007
Yerger Award for outstanding performance in membership recruitment & retention, Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2006 
The Fullmer Bronze Award Winner, Healthcare Financial ManagementAssociation, 2005


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