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Donald Jones, Ph.D.

James E. & Elizabeth F. Sowell Professor / James C. Wetherbe Professor of ISQS

Email: donald.jones@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.5196

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Room Number: E316

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas (1988)

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Website:  djones.ba.ttu.edu

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Donald Jones

About Don

Donald R. Jones is the James E. and Elizabeth F. Sowell Professor and the  J. C. Wetherbe Professor of Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences at Texas Tech.  He received his B.A., MBA, and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.  Dr. Jones joined the Rawls College at Texas Tech in 2001.  He has previously been on the faculty at Georgia State University, University of Utah, and was an instructor at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include information technology and human cognition, strategic alignment in firms, and healthcare systems. His publications have appeared in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and many other journals.

Selected Publications


  • Baker, J, J. Song, and D. R. Jones (2017). Closing the Loop: Empirical Evidence for a Positive Feedback Model of IT Business Value Creation. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, pp 142-160.
  • Baker, J.,  D. R. Jones, Q. Cao and J. Song. (2011). Conceptualizing the Dynamic Strategic Alignment Competency. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 12(4), pp. 299-322.
  • Baker, J., D. R. Jones and J. Burkman. (2009). Using Visual Representations of Data to Enhance Sensemaking in Data Exploration Tasks. Journal of the Association for Information Systems,10(7), pp. 533-559.
  • Cao, Q., D. R. Jones, and H. Sheng (2014).  Contained Nomadic Information Environments: Technology, Organization, and Environment Influences on Adoption of Hospital RFID Patient Tracking.  Information & Management, 51(2), pp. 225-239.
  • Kim, J., J. Song, D. R. Jones, J. Baker, and Wynne W. Chin (2014). Application Discoverability and User Satisfaction in Mobile Application Stores: An Environmental Psychology Perspective.  Decision Support Systems, 59(1), pp. 37-51.
  • Xu, B. and D. R. Jones. (2010). Volunteers' Participation in Open Source Software Development: A Study from the Social-Relational Perspective. The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems,41(3), (August), pp. 69-84.
  • Baker, J., J. Song, D. R. Jones, and E. Ford. (2008). Information Systems and Healthcare XXIX: Information Technology Investments and Returns -- Uniqueness in the Healthcare Industry. Communications of the Association for Information Systems,23, pp. 375-392.
  • Xu, B., D. R. Jones, and B. Shao. (2008). Volunteers' Involvement in Online Community Based Software Development. Information & Management, 46(3), pp. 151-158.
  • Wheeler, P. and D. R. Jones (2008) .The Psychology of Case-Based Reasoning: How Information Produced from Case-Matching Methods Facilitates the Use of Semantically Generated Information. The Journal of Information Systems, 22(1), (Spring) pp. 1-26.
  • Mellarkod, V., R. Appan, D. R. Jones, and K. Sherif. (2007). A Multi-level Analysis of Factors Affecting Software Developers' Intention to Reuse Software Assets: An Empirical Investigation. Information & Management, 44(7), 613-625.
  • Borthick, A. F., D. R. Jones. (2007). Creating a Business Process Diagram and Database Queries to Detect Billing Errors and Analyze Calling Patterns for Cell Phone Service. The Journal of Information Systems, 21(1), (Spring) pp.107-122.
  • Eining, M. M., D. R. Jones, and J. K. Loebbecke. (1997). Reliance on Decision Aids: An Examination of Auditors' Assessment of Management Fraud.  Auditing: a Journal of Practice and Theory, 16, (Fall) pp. 1-19.
  • Jones, D. R. and D. A. Schkade.  (1995).  Choosing and Translating between Problem Representations.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 61, (February) pp. 214-223.

Current Research

Dr. Jones has ongoing research projects, in various stages of completion, with colleagues and doctoral students.


Honors and Service Opportunities

  • Associate Editor for Information and Management since 2013.
  • Editorial Board Member of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems since 2015.
  • Ph.D. Advisor for MIS since 2003