Texas Tech University

Glenn J. Browne, Ph.D.

Rawls Professor of Information & Decision Sciences

Email: glenn.browne@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.0969

Office Hours: By Appointment

Room Number: E325

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota (1993)

Area of Expertise:
Decision Making, Information Search and Stopping, Information Requirements Determination


Glenn J. Browne

Selected Publications

  • Browne, Glenn J. and Jeffrey Parsons.  “More Enduring Questions in Cognitive IS Research.”  Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 13(12), 2012, pp. 1000-1011.
  • Appan, Radha, and Glenn J. Browne. “The Impact of Analyst-Induced ‘Misinformation' on the Requirements Elicitation Process.”  MIS Quarterly, 36, 2012, pp. 85-106.
  • Appan, Radha and Glenn J. Browne.  “Investigating Retrieval-Induced Forgetting During Information Requirements Determination.”  Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 11, 5, 2010, pp. 250-275.
  • Walden, Eric A. and Glenn J. Browne. “Sequential Adoption Theory: A Theory For Understanding Herding Behavior in Early Adoption of Novel Technologies.”  Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 10, 1, 2009, pp. 31-62.
  • Browne, Glenn J., Mitzi G. Pitts, and James C. Wetherbe.  “Cognitive Stopping Rules For Terminating Information Search in Online Tasks.”  MIS Quarterly, 31, 2007, pp. 89-104.
  • Pitts, Mitzi G. and Glenn J. Browne. “Improving Requirements Elicitation: An Empirical Investigation of Procedural Prompts.”  Information Systems Journal, 17, 2007, pp. 89-110.
  • Sherif, Karma, Robert W. Zmud, and Glenn J. Browne.  “Managing Peer-to-Peer Conflicts in Disruptive Information Technology Innovations: The Case of Software Reuse.”  MIS Quarterly, 30, 2006, pp. 339-356.
  • Li, Dahui, Glenn J. Browne, and Patrick Y.K. Chau.  “An Empirical Investigation of Web Site Use Using a Commitment-Based Model.”  Decision Sciences, 37, 2006, pp. 427-444.
  • Browne, Glenn J. and Mitzi G. Pitts.  “Stopping Rule Use During Information Search in Design Problems.” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 95, 2004, pp. 208-224.
  • Pitts, Mitzi G. and Glenn J. Browne.  “Stopping Behavior of Systems Analysts During Information Requirements Elicitation.” Journal of Management Information Systems, 21, 2004, pp. 213-236.
  • Browne, Glenn J. and Michael B. Rogich.  “An Empirical Investigation of User Requirements Elicitation: Comparing the Effectiveness of Prompting Techniques.”  Journal of Management Information Systems, 17, 2001, pp. 223-249.
  • Curley, Shawn P. and Glenn J. Browne.  “Normative and Descriptive Analyses of Simpson's Paradox in Decision Making.”  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 84, 2001, pp. 308-333.
  • Browne, Glenn J., Shawn P. Curley, and P. George Benson.  "The Effects of Subject-Defined Categories on Judgmental Accuracy in Confidence Assessment Tasks." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 80, 1999, pp. 134-154.
  • Browne, Glenn J., Shawn P. Curley, and P. George Benson.  "Evoking Information in Probability Assessment: Knowledge Maps and Reasoning-Based Directed Questions."  Management Science, 43, 1997, pp. 1-14.

Awards and Honors

  • Winner of the JAIS Best Paper Award for 2009.  JAIS paper named one of Top 5 Information Systems publications worldwide for 2009 by Association for Information Systems.
  • Member of Texas Tech University Teaching Academy for excellence in teaching since 1999.