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Peter Westfall, Ph.D.

James and Marguerite Niver and Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Statistics

Email: peter.westfall@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.2174

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Education: Ph.D. in Statistics, University of California at Davis

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Peter Westfall

About Peter

Peter Westfall is Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Statistics at Texas Tech University. He has published 100+ articles and six books on statistical theory and practice, many of which have been highly influential: as of 9/2017, according to Google scholar, his work has been cited 12,000+ times (h-index = 30+, i10 index = 60+). He is the former editor of The American Statistician, is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Selected Publications

  • Westfall,P.H., Arias, A.L., and Fulton, L.V. (2017). Teaching Principal Components Using Correlations. To appear in Multivariate Behavioral Research.
  • Gönen, M., Johnson, W.O., Lu, Y. and Westfall, P. (2017).  Comparing Objective and Subjective Bayes Factors for the Two-Sample Comparison: The Classification Theorem in Action, to appear in The American Statistician.
  • Westfall, P.H. (2014). Kurtosis as Peakedness, 1905 – 2014. R.I.P. The American Statistician, 68, 191–195.
  • Michele Donato, Zhonghui Xu, Alin Tomoiaga, James G. Granneman, Robert G. MacKenzie, Riyue Bao, Nandor Gabor Than, Peter H. Westfall, Roberto Romero, Sorin Draghici (2013).  Analysis and correction of crosstalk effects in pathway analysis, Genome Research, Nov 23(11):1885–93.
  • Westfall, P.H., Henning, K.S.S., and Howell, R.D. (2012).  The Effect of Error Correlation on Interfactor Correlation in Psychometric Measurement, Structural Equation Modeling 19, 99–117.
  • Westfall, P.H. (2011). Discussion of “Multiple Testing for Exploratory Research” by J. J. Goeman and A. Solari, Statistical Science 26, 604–607.
  • Westfall, P.H. (2010). Comment on “Correlated z-Values and the Accuracy of Large-Scale Statistical Estimates” by Bradley Efron,  Journal of the American Statistical Association 105, 1063–1066.
  • Westfall, P.H., Troendle, J.F. and Pennello, G. (2010).  Multiple McNemar Tests.  Biometrics 66, 1185–1191.
  • Westfall, P.H. (2008).  The Benjamini-Hochberg Method with Infinitely Many Contrasts in Linear Models, Biometrika 95, 709–719.
  • Westfall, P.H. and Tobias, R.D. (2007).  Multiple Testing of General Contrasts:  Truncated Closure and the Extended Shaffer-Royen Method, Journal of the American Statistical Association 102: 487–494.
  • Westfall, P., Hoffman, J., and Xia, J. (2007).  Joint Analysis of Multiple Categorical Dependent Variables in Organizational Research.  Organizational Research Methods 10(4), 673–688.
  • Westfall, P. and Young, S.S. (2005).  Contradictions in Highly Cited Medical Research. [Letter to the editor].  Journal of the American Medical Association 294(21), 2695–2696.
  • Gönen, M., Johnson, W.O., Lu, Y. and Westfall, P. (2005).  The Bayesian Two-Sample t Test, The American Statistician 59, 252–257.
  • Westfall, P.H. (2005). Comment on Benjamini and Yekutieli, “False Discovery Rate Adjusted Confidence Intervals for Selected Parameters,” Journal of the American Statistical Association 100, 85–89.
  • Hein, S.E. and Westfall, P.H. (2004). Improving Tests of Abnormal Returns by Bootstrapping the Multivariate Regression Model with Event Parameters.   Journal of Financial Econometrics 2, 451–471.
  • Dmitrienko, A, Offen, W. and Westfall, P. (2003).  Gatekeeping strategies for clinical trials that do not require all primary effects to be significant.  Statistics in Medicine 22, 2387–2400.
  • Gönen, M., Westfall, P.H. and Johnson, W.O. (2003).  Bayesian multiple testing for two-sample multivariate endpoints, Biometrics 59, 76–82.
  • Frank Bretz, Torsten Hothorn, and Peter Westfall (2002). On multiple comparisons in R. R News, 2(3):14–17,  http://cran.r-project.org/doc/Rnews.
  • Westfall, P.H., and Soper, K.A. (2001). Using priors to improve multiple animal carcinogenicity tests, Journal of the American Statistical Association 96, 827–834.
  • Westfall, P.H. (1997). Multiple Testing of General Contrasts Using Logical Constraints and Correlations, Journal of the American Statistical Association 92, 299–306.
  • Roquebert, J.A., Phillips, R.L., and Westfall, P.H. (1996). Markets Versus Management: What 'Drives' Profitability?, Strategic Management Journal 17, 653–664.
  • Ricketts,R.C. and Westfall,P.H.(1993). New evidence on the price elasticity of charitable contributions, Journal of the American Taxation Association 15, 1–25.

Current Research

  • Multiple testing and multiple comparisons
  • Statistics education
  • Bayesian decision making
  • Debunking bad statistical practices in the academic literature

Awards and Honors

  • 2012: Distinguished Technical Communication Award from the Carolina Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, for Westfall,P., Tobias, R. and Wolfinger, R. (2011). Multiple Comparisons and Multiple Tests Using SAS (2nd Ed.), SAS® Press, Cary, NC.
  • 2007: Texas Tech College of Business Administration Outstanding Research Award.
  • 2006: Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • 2005: Excellence in Continuing Education Award, American Statistical Association.
  • 2002: Awarded Paul Whitfield Horn Professorship.
  • 2002: Awarded James and Marguerite Niver Professorship.
  • 2000: Academic Achievement Award, Texas Tech University.
  • 2000: Texas Tech Outstanding Research Award.
  • 1999: Texas Tech University Excellence in Teaching award for the College of Business Administration.
  • 1997: Fellow of the American Statistical Association.