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Zhangxi Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email: zhangxi.lin@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.1926

Office Hours: By Appointment

Room Number: E311

Education: PhD., University of Texas at Austin (1999)

Area of Expertise:
 Electronic Commerce, Electronic Market Structure, Business Intelligence, Real-Time Economy, Targeted Advertising

:  zlin.ba.ttu.edu

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Zhangxi Lin

About Zhangxi Lin

Dr. Zhangxi Lin joined the Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University in 1999, and is currently a tenured professor and the co-director of Center for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (started 2007). He received a M.S. in Computer Applications from Tsinghua University in 1982, and an M.A. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996 and 1999, respectfully. He has been a member of IEEE, INFORMS and AIS for many years. He used to work as a deputy director for an IT/IS division of provincial government in China during 1983-1993, and has been an IT professional mainly in larger data processing systems, e-government, and knowledge-based systems.  He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, with outlets such as Information Systems, Research, Information Sciences, and Decision Support Systems, ICIS, ICDM, AAAI, and so on. He has developed good research networks connecting both academia and industry, aiming at cutting-edge information technology applications and commercialization. In particular, he has several active collaborative projects with partners in China and Finland. Recently his major focus is on big data technology & applications.

Sample Publications

Recent publications:

  1. Shixi Liu, Cuiqing Jiang, Zhangxi Lin, Yong Ding, Xiaojing Hu, and Zhicai Xu, "Identifying effective influencers oriented to social network marketing based on trust: A product review domain-aware approach," Information Sciences, accepted January 2015.
  2. Yongjian Li,  Zhangxi Lin,  Lei Xu, Ajaya Swain, "Do the Electronic Books Reinforce the Dynamics of Book Supply Chain Market? – A Theoretical Analysis," European Journal of Operation Research, accepted January 2015.
  3. Qing Li, Tiejun Wang, Qixu Gong, Yuanzhu Chen, Zhangxi Lin, Sa-kwang Song, "Media-aware quantitative trading based on public Web information," Decision Support Systems, 57 (2014) pp93-105.
  4. Zhongyi Xiao, Zhangxi Lin, Siming Li, "Expected Return, Time-varying Risk, and Hedging demand in US REITs market," Journal of Management Analytics, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014, pp78-98.
  5. Cheng Yang, Juilong Hong, Zhangxi Lin, "An Analysis View on Password Patterns of Chinese Internet Users," Nankai Business Review (International), Vol. 4 Iss: 1, 2014, 66 - 77.
  6. Jiangtao Qiu, Zhangxi Lin, "D-HOCS: an algorithm for discovering the hierarchical overlapping community structure of a social network," Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Published August 2013.
  7. Xiaolin Zheng, Shuai Zhu, Zhangxi Lin, “Capturing the essence of word-of-mouth for social commerce: Assessing the quality of online e-commerce reviews by a semi-supervised approach,” Decision Support Systems, 56 (2013) 211–222.

Previous journal publications

  1. Jiangtao Qiu and Zhangxi Lin, “A Framework for Exploring Organizational Structure in Dynamic Social Networks,” Decision Support Systems, accepted 2010.
  2. Qing Li, Jia Wang, Yuanzhu Chen, Zhangxi Lin, “User Comments for News Recommendation in Forum-based Social Media,” accepted by Information Sciences in 2010.
  3. Binjie Luo, Zhangxi Lin, and Tianxi Dong, “A Decision Tree Model for Herd Behavior and Empirical Evidence from the Online P2P Lending Market”, Information Systems and e-Business Management,accepted 2011
  4. Dahui Li, Jun Li, and Zhangxi Lin, “Online Consumer-to-Consumer Market in China - A Comparative Study of Taobao and eBay,” Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Volume 7, Issue 1, Spring 2008, 55-67.
  5. Zhangxi Lin, Dahui Li, Balaji Janamanchi, and Wayne Huang, “Reputation Distribution and Consumer-to-Consumer Online Auction Market Structure,”Decision Support Systems, 41 (2006) 435-448.
  6. Jun Li, and Zhangxi Lin, “Taobao – A Chinese way of making Money in the C2C electronic market,” Business Forum China, 2006.
  7. Han Zhang, Zhangxi Lin, and Xiaorui Hu, “Escrow Services in Online Consumer-to-Consumer Auction Markets: System Dynamics and Experimental Exploration,” Journal of Organization Computing and Electronic Commerce, 17(2), 1-25, 2007.
  8. Solomon Antony, Zhangxi Lin, and Bo Xu, “Risk Relief Services in Online Customer-to-Customer Auctions: An Empirical Study”, Decision Support Systems, 42 (2006), 1889–1900.
  9. Xiaorui Hu, Zhangxi Lin, Andrew B. Whinston, and Han Zhang, “Hope or Hype: On the Viability of Escrow Services As Trusted Third Parties in Online Auction Environments" ,Information Systems Research, September 2004, 236-249. 

Current Research

  • Social network analytics
  • Electronic market structure
  • Online credit risk management
  • Real-time bidding for advertising
  • Computational finance



  • Real time Big Data Social Network Analytics for E-Finance, IBM SUR China, $15,000


  • Decision Support System for Project Recommendation and Risk Assessment (PRRA), 300,000 RMB (about $45,000), Sichuan provincial government.
  • Innovations in financial services, 300,000 RMB (about $45,000), seed fund by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.
  • Payment safety, 2 million RMB (about $300,000), NSF of China A social network based approach to VC project management with P2P lending, 2010-2012, Granted by Sichuan Provincial Government.