Texas Tech University

Oleg Petrenko, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Email: oleg.petrenko@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-7011

Office Hours: By appointment

Education: Oklahoma State University (2015)

Area of Expertise: Strategic Management

Oleg Petrenko

About Oleg

Oleg Petrenko is an Assistant Professor of Management at Texas Tech University. His research focus is micro-foundations of strategy. In particular, he focuses on dealing with two broad questions. First, his research asks how executive characteristics (e.g., narcissism, charisma, assertiveness, and core self-evaluations) affect decision making and performance. His second research question refers to how social structure can affect performance. Oleg's research can be characterized as interdisciplinary, developing work that spreads across different levels of analysis in management (e.g., corporations, inter-firm networks, teams, and individuals). His focus on working with a multi-level perspective is motivated by conviction that management research needs to continue to strengthen and develop the conversation across organizational levels of analysis. Oleg's research has been published in the Strategic Management Journal and the Organizational Psychology Review. He also presented papers at professional meetings and academic seminars worldwide. Before becoming an academic, Dr. Petrenko occupied a senior management position in a foreign chemical manufacturing company. 


Quade, M. J., Greenbaum, R. L., & Petrenko, O.V. Forthcoming. "I Don't Want to Be Near You, Unless...": The Interactive Effect of Unethical Behavior and Performance onto Workplace Ostracism. Personnel Psychology

Petrenko, O.V., Aime, F., Ridge, J., & Hill, A. 2016. Corporate Social Responsibility or CEO Narcissism? CSR Motivations and Organizational Performance. Strategic Management Journal.

Aime, F., Van Dyne, L., & Petrenko, O.V. 2011. Role Innovation through Employee Social Networks: The Embedded Nature of Roles and Their Effect on Job Satisfaction and Career Success. Organizational Psychology Review.