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Mayukh Dass, Ph.D.

Area Coordinator, Marketing & Supply Chain Management; J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing; Director, Rawls Business Leadership Program
Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Email: mayukh.dass@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.1924

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 Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Georgia (2008); M.S., Statistics, University of Georgia (2007); M.S., Artificial Intelligence, University of Georgia (2003); B.Engg., Electronics & Power Engg., Nagpur University, India (2000)

Area of Expertise:
 Valuation issues in dynamic economies, analytical approaches to enhance brands, and analyzing and modeling art markets.


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Google Scholars:http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=VGlkmBwAAAAJ&hl=en


Mayukh Dass

About Mayukh

Mayukh Dass is the J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing at the Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University. He is currently serving as the Area Coordinator of the Marketing & Supply Chain Management Area, and the Program Director of the Rawls Business Leadership Program at Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University. Dr. Dass joined the marketing faculty in the Fall 2008, upon completion of his doctoral program at the University of Georgia.  He also holds a B. Engg. in Electronics and Power Engineering from Nagpur University, an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from University of Georgia, and an M.S. in Statistics from University of Georgia. He is currently a member of the Texas Tech Teaching Academy, and University Faculty Senate. He has won various awards, including Tech Alumni New Faculty Award in 2011, President's Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012, Beta Gamma Sigma Professor of the Year in 2013, Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Award in 2013 and Integrated Scholar of the Year in 2017.

Publications and Grants

  • Topaloglu, Omer, Mayukh Dass, and Piyush Kumar (2017), “Does who we are affect what we say and when? Investigating the impact of individual characteristics on the microblogging response,” Journal of Business Research, 77, 23-29.
  • Wang, Xinchun and Mayukh Dass (2017), "Building Innovation Capability: The Role of Top Management Innovativeness and Relative-exploration Orientation," Journal of Business Research, 76, 127-135.
  • Byun, Kyung-Ah, Mayukh Dass, Piyush Kumar and Junghwan Kim (2017), “An Examination of Innovative Consumers' Playfulness on their Pre-Ordering Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34(3).
  • GRANT: “Maximizing Voluntary Compliance in Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs: A Critical Factor for Effective Intervention” (USDA NIFA- A4171, 2016) Role: Co-Project Director, Lead Project Director: H. Morgan Scott (Texas A&M University). Amount - $1,000,000. 
  • Kumar, V, Ashutosh Dixit, Rajshekar Javalgi, and Mayukh Dass (2016), “Strategies and Applications of Intelligent Agent Technologies (IATs) in Marketing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 44(1), 24-45.
    • Finalist for 2016 JAMS Best Paper Award.
  • Kumar, Piyush, Mayukh Dass and Shivina Kumar (2015), “From Competitive Advantage to Nodal Advantage: Ecosystem Structure and the New Five Forces that Affect Prosperity,” Business Horizons, 58(4), 469-481.
  • Byun, Kyung-Ah and Mayukh Dass (2015), “An investigation of the effects of product recalls on brand commitment and purchase intention”Journal of Consumer Marketing, 32(1), 1-14 (Lead Article).
    • Featured in Maeil Business News Korea (South Korea Media Outlet)
  • Dass, Mayukh, Srinivas K. Reddy and Dawn Iacobucci (2014), “A Network Bidder Behavior Model in Online Auctions: A Case of Fine Art Auctions,” Journal of Retailing, 90(4),  445-462 (Lead Article).
  • Dass, Mayukh, Chiranjeev Kohli, Piyush Kumar and, Sunil Thomas (2014) “A Study of the Antecedents of Slogan Liking” Journal of Business Research, 67(12), 2504-2511.
    • Featured in Washington Post, Fox Business, Mainstreet, Wirtschafts Woche (German Media Outlet)
  • Kumar, Piyush, Mayukh Dass and Omer Topaloglu (2014), “Understanding The Drivers of Employee Satisfaction in Services: Learning from “Lost Employees" Journal of Service Research, 17(4), 367-380. (Lead article)
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  • Maity, Moutusy and Mayukh Dass (2014), “Consumer Decision-Making across Modern and Traditional Channels: E-Commerce, M-Commerce, In-Store” Decision Support Systems, 61, 34-46.
  • Dass, Mayukh, Srinivas K. Reddy and Dawn Iacobucci (2014), “Social Networks among Auction Bidders: The Role of Key Bidders and Structural Properties on Auction Prices,” Social Networks, 37 (May), 14-28.
  • Dass, Mayukh and Shivina Kumar (2014), “Bringing product and customer ecosystems to the strategic forefront,” Business Horizons, 57, 225-234.
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  • Dass, Mayukh, Piyush Kumar, and Plamen P Peev (2013), “Brand Vulnerability to Product Assortments and Prices,” Journal of Marketing Management, 29(7-8), 735-754. (Lead article)
  • Dass, Mayukh and Christine Shropshire (2012), “Introducing Functional Data Analysis to Managerial Science,” Organizational Research Methods, 15(4), 693-721.
    • Ranked #1 “Most read articles in ORM” in Jan-March 2013.
    • Top 5 most-read Research Methods Paper, Management Ink.
  • Kumar, Piyush and Mayukh Dass (2012), “Assessing Brand Vulnerability Across Product Assortments,” Journal of Brand Management, 19(9), 801-814.
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  • Dass, Mayukh, Piyush Kumar, Shyam Kapur, and Omer Topaloglu (2011), “An agent-based system for analyzing microblog dynamics,” International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research, 7(2), 143-158.
    • Featured in Fox News. 
  • Dass, Mayukh (2011), “An Investigation of Willingness to Spend Dynamics in Simultaneous Online Auctions,” Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 12(1), 44-60.
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Selected Awards and Honors

  • 2017 Integrated Scholar of the Year, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University
  • 2014 Named "J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing," Texas Tech University
  • 2013 Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Award, Texas Tech University
  • 2013 Beta Gamma Sigma Professor of the Year
  • 2012 President's Excellence in Teaching Award, Texas Tech University
  • 2012 Fellow, Texas Tech University Teaching Academy
  • 2011 Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Award, Texas Tech University
  • 2009 Graduate Degree Holders Making a Difference: University of Georgia
  • 2007 T.A. Mentor Award, University of Georgia
  • 2007 Dissertation Completion Award, University of Georgia
  • 2007 Fellow, AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, Arizona State University
  • 2006 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, University of Georgia
  • 2006 Teaching Portfolio Certification, University of Georgia
  • 2006 Fellow, ISMS Doctoral Consortium, University of Pittsburgh
  • 2006 Fellow, at the Product Development and Management Association International
  • Conference
  • 2005 Fellow, at the Product Development and Management Association International
  • Conference
  • 2003 United States Department of Agriculture Merit Award

Teaching Activities

PhD. Theses Supervised

  • Masoud Moradi, Three Essays on Digital Marketing Strategies, Expected graduation May 2019, chair.
  • Kiran Pedada, Two Essays on International Joint Venture Dissolutions in Emerging Markets, Expected graduation May 2018, chair.
  • Arunima Shah, Media Choice Behaviour: Consumer and Marketer Perspectives, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India, committee-member
  • Xinchun Wang, Essays on Firm Performance, Board Compositions, and Marketing Strategy, August 2015, chair. (First appointment: University of North Dakota)
  • Dalal Ahmad, Two Essays on Market Basket Evolutions, August 2015, chair. (First appointment: University of Kuwait)
  • Kyung-Ah Byun, Two Essays on Product Recalls: Effects on Post-Recall Sales Dynamics and Consumer Loyalty, May 2014, chair. (First appointment: University of Texas, Tyler)
    • Winner of the Jean-Charles Chebat Best Retail Proposal Award in the 2013 SMA doctoral dissertation proposal competition.
  • Joseph Derby, Three Essays on Monetization of Intellectual Properties, August 2013, chair. (First appointment: James Madison University)
    • Finalist of ISBM Dissertation Competition 2013.
  • Omer Topaloglu, Brand Concept and Brand Reach: A Dual Processing Approach to Extension Evaluation, August 2013, co-chair. (First appointment: Eastern Illinois University)
  • Narasimha Inukollu, A Secure Policy Framework for the Descartes Specification Language, December 2015, committee-member. (First appointment: University of Houston-Clear Lake)
  • Alejandra Marin, The Effects of Commensurability and Trust on Economic Value: The Case of Platform Firms, August 2013, committee member. (First appointment: Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea)
  • Sunhee Choi, Corporate Social Responsibility Appeals Market Performance: A Longitudinal Study of Retail Product Categories, May 2012, committee member. (First appointment: Shippensburg University)

Masters Thesis Supervised

  • Arthur, Autumn, Marketing & Design for Higher Education, December 2015, chair, Interdisciplinary Master of Art in Higher Education, Media & Communication, and Marketing.
  • Divya Keshamoni, Interdisciplinary Portfolio, December 2015, chair, Interdisciplinary Master of Art in Marketing/ Management, Business Administration, and Statistics/ Mathematics.

Courses Teaching in Spring 2017
  • BA 4102: Rawls Business Leadership Seminar II
  • BA 5380: STEM Theories in Business
  • BA 7000: Machine Learning in Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 5360: Marketing Concepts & Strategies (Online)
  • MKT 5373: Marketing Analytics