Texas Tech University

Mohammed Gaus Alam

Ph.D. Candidate

Email: gaus.alam@ttu.edu

Office Hours: Listed on the syllabus; also, by appointment.

Room Number: Rawls College of Business, Room #273 C #3


M.S. in Computer Systems and Software Design

Jacksonville State University

B.S. in Business in Management Information Systems (MIS), and Marketing

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Area of Expertise: 

  • Business Intelligence
  • Database
  • User computer security behavior
  • Web based applications development
  • Programming
  • Software engineering



Gaus Alam


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Courses taught:

  • Business Intelligence (relational database modeling-schema development for RDBMS, SQL, ETL, building data warehouse, dimensional data modeling (star schema, snowflake schema, hierarchical data modeling, slowly changing data modeling), OLAP cubes, and reporting; case studies covering the concepts)
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems (recent IT innovations, practices, and issues; Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL

Courses taught:

  • Computer Programming I (algorithmic problem solving, modular programming, strings, multi-dimensional arrays, records, dynamic linked lists; programming language used: C++)
  • Problem solving strategies (different techniques to solve programming problems such as creating systematic lists, identifying sub problem, solving an easier related problem, matrix logic, eliminate possibilities, looking for a pattern, drawing Venn diagram, thinking outside the box etc.)
  • Intro to Website Development (XHTML, CSS, Design Issues)
  • Web Scripting (JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX))
  • Dynamic Web Design (PHP, MySQL)
  • Web Development using Web Services (hands-on site development using web services, XML)
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems (recent IT innovations, practices, and issues)
  • Spreadsheet Modeling (MS Excel)
  • Intro to Information Technology (Recent innovation and issues in information technology; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access)

Courses Developed:

  • Intro to Website Development
  • Web Scripting
  • Dynamic Web Design


Current Research

Employees' IT security behavior at organizations.

Awards and Honors