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Lei XU

PhD Student

Ph.D. Student - Management

Education: MBA&MSF, Drexel University; Master of Science in Statistics, Southeastern Louisiana University; BS, Beihang University
Area of Expertise: Strategic Entrepreneurship, Venture Capitalism, Founding Teams, Inter-organizational Networks, Social Capital Theory
Social Networks Analysis Workshop, LINKS Center of University of Kentucky, June 5-9, 2016

Ph.D. Candidate

Phone: (806) 742-3188
Office Hours: By Appointment
Room Number: E359

Email: lei.xu@ttu.edu

About Lei

Lei Xu joined Rawls College of Business in 2014. His research interests center on the following areas: 1) Strategic Entrepreneurship; 2)Inter-organizational Networks; 3) Social Capital Theory; 4) Venture Capitalism; 5) Founding Teams. In addition, his research has been featured in some professional journals and books, including Current Topics in Management, Journal of Management Policy and Practice and the Report on the Development of Chinese Talents.

Lei presented his papers in different professional conferences, such as Academy of Management Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting and the Mathematical Association of America Annual Meeting. In addition, Lei also serves as reviewers for various major professional conferences and the doctoral student interviewer for the blog of the Administrative Science Quarterly.

In his spare time, Lei Xu enjoys orchestra, musical and spending time with his wife Cunwei.


Journal Publications

  • Xu, L. & Lu, Qinglian (2016). The negative impacts of embeddedness: Evidence from China. Current Topics in Management 18:101-122.
  • Xu, L. (2014). A Tale of trinity in founder’s identity: The case of new venture creation. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 15(5):11-31.
  • Xu, L. (2013). How camera makers knit their social networks to become innovative? Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 14(5):11-23.

Book Chapters

  • Fang, Hong; Liu, Chunping; Xu, L. (2005). The development of consultative talents: present situation, problem and countermeasure. The Report on the Development of Chinese Talents No.2, pp.77-96. Social Sciences Academic Press(China).


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