Texas Tech University

Muhammad Abdelrahman Muhammad

Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant

Email: muhammad.muhammad@ttu.edu

Room Number: E351

 Civil Engineer, MBA Holder, and Ph.D. Student

Area of Expertise:
Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship 


Muhammad Muhammad

About Muhammad

I'm a Ph.D. Student and teaching assistant at the Area of Management, Rawls College of Business. My research interests are mainly focused on the entrepreneurship field; in particular, I'm interested in studying cognitive abilities and their possible influence on entrepreneurs (The intersection of entrepreneurship and cognitive abilities).

My passion for entrepreneurship is inherited from my passion for human capital in general, I'm a strong believer that human capital is the most valuable wealth of any nation and yet the most undervalued capital worldwide.

In a previous life, I used to be a technology entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant. I'm a cofounder of the largest online recruitment portal in Egypt www.wuzzuf.com