Department of Computer Science

Reactive Behavior and Data Management Research Group

Welcome from Dr. Susan D. Urban

Welcome to the Reactive Behavior and Data Management Research Group, at Computer Science Department, Texas Tech University.

Research Group Description

The research group is investigating techniques for supporting reactive behavior in data-centric, distributed computing environments. Inspired by foundational work in the area of active database systems, the focus of the research group is on the integration of event, rule, query, and transaction processing techniques to support dynamic execution environments that are capable of detecting and responding to changes in stored data, composite events, constraint violations, exceptions, data dependencies, and failures that affect service composition and distributed application/data integration. Research activities include the investigating filtering languages and distributed execution environments for the integration of event processing and data stream processing to support intelligent monitoring and context-aware applications.

Current Research Projects

The Decentralized Data Dependency (D3) Analysis Project

NSF Grant No. CCF-0820152

Title: SRS: A Decentralized and Rule-Based Approach to Data Dependency Analysis and Failure Recovery in a Service-Oriented Environment

Event Stream Processing Project:

Adaptive Event Stream Processing

Application of a Temporal Database Framework for Processing Event Queries