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Appreciation, Caring, Cooperation, Courtesy, Dedication, Dependability, Diversity, Effort, Hard Work, Helping Others, Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Learning, Living in Balance, Participation in Regular Physical Activity, Patience, Respect, Service, Teaching by Example, Tolerance, Trust


Goal: Provide an efficient and effective means of retaining Recreational Sports student employee staff.

Research and make recommendation for student employee wages.

  • Increase student employee salaries above minimum wage
  • Identify student positions (specialty) and pay competitive salaries
  • Focus on department expectations during hiring and training

Improve student recognition.

  • Student Appreciation Dinner
  • Incentives for retention
  • Increase student employee accountability

Create and administer effective student employee wide training day.

  • Includes all areas of Recreational Sports
  • Research training concepts and develop agenda o Interactive and fun
  • Establish motivating ideas

Design, support, and implement student development opportunities for student employees to attend regional, state and national events.

  • Design budget for the opportunities
  • Develop opportunities for student employees to obtain funds for events.
  • Develop guidelines for this obtaining funds: student and staff committee.
  • Increase student membership to NIRSA
  • Plan assessment tool for the opportunities

Increase student employees (Recreational Sports) interaction and involvement between areas.

  • Develop and design ways of student interaction

Goal: Create and foster community within the Professional staff

This should include the custodians, office staff and maintenance staff

  • Establish events to ensure community growth within staff
  • Develop professional staff activity group (3-4) • Develop and establish activities/events for interaction with student employees
  • create an student committee to assist with events
  • Professional staff buy in
  • Include professional staff families

Provide, establish, furnish moments for reflection, balance and well-being as professional staff.

  • Professional staff should schedule time for the above mention items
  • Set guidelines and expectations for the above items
  • Individuals must look within to establish their own parameters

Assess the transferable skills and goals for Departments student employees

  • Research the skills being taught to departments student employees.

Create a strategy for additional professional staff within our Department.

  • Prioritize the additional staff
  • Reorganizes within our department
  • Finalize Department decision Goal: Increase Visibility and brand reputation within the university community.

Develop, recognize and implement customer service standards throughout the department.

  • Research and share customer services standards with staff
  • Develop standards for entire department
  • Build on Auxiliary Customer Service committee.

Build on and retain partnerships with Auxiliary departments

  • TAB
  • Housing
  • Academic Departments
  • Athletic Department
  • Student Wellness

Create and establish value through our programs and services

Goal: Design a long term strategic plan for programs, facilities, technology and services for the students and faculty /staff.

Research, review and design a plan to provide the best modern recreation facilities and equipment for the university community.

  • Design a five to ten year plan for facilities and equipment
  • Increase the Educational Code
  • Obtain approval for design of Satellite facility
  • Referendum approval by students for satellite facility
  • Review technology and create plan for upgrade: increase by 33%

Create innovative ways to generate revenue for the Recreational Sports Department.

  • Investigate and explore the following fundraisers, sponsorships and through the development office.
  • Examine ways of increasing income outside of the above mention items
  • Create student and staff committee to assist with this goal.