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Texas Tech Rec Sports Swimming Lessons

For more information please email aquatics@ttu.edu

Adult Beginner Swim Lesson Information

This level is for those first timer swimmer looking to gain more confidence in the water! Focusing on breathing techniques, horizontal body position and recovery and arm and leg movements for forward progression. We offer this class in the shallow area of our pool.

Participants will work on:

  • Enter water using ramp, steps or side
  • Exit water using ladder, steps or side
  • Breath control using breathing techniques through mouth and nose
  • Bobbing (Submersion)
  • Front and back glides and recover to a standing position
  • Back float
  • Tread water using arm and hand actions

We'll begin working on Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke after the above skills are demonstrated. There are no prerequisites for this level.

For more information about Adult Beginner and Intermediate Lessons, please follow this link.

Adult Intermediate Swim Lesson Information

In this level we focus on improving freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke as well as open turns to allow swimmers to build confidence swimming laps. Participants will gain experience with recreational lap swim equipment such as flippers, pull-buoys, kickboards and hand paddles. This course take place in both shallow and deep water. Classes are designed for persons with some degree of swimming proficiency. Prerequisites for this level include the ability to float face-down (with the face in the water) on the front and face-up on the back for 10 seconds, and to perform strokes that can be recognized as front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl, each for 15 yards/meters. In these lessons, we will expand and practice the swimming strokes from the beginner level. Breaststroke, Sidestroke, Butterfly and basic flip turns and turning at the wall may be introduced.

For more information about Adult Beginner and Intermediate Lessons, please follow this link.

Youth Learn-To-Swim Program

Texas Tech Rec Sport's Youth Learn-To-Swim Program is designed for children between the ages of 6 months to 14.  For more information on specific class descriptions and to register, please follow the link to our Youth Swim Page.


Registration is available online or in-person only. To register in-person, please stop by the Leisure Pool during open hours.

Register Online

Please email aquatics@ttu.edu for more information.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are an excellent way to get personalized instruction from our certified Red Cross instructors. Please submit a private lesson form and we will get back with you to set up a lesson plan.

Please submit a Private Lesson Form in order to get registered.