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Interested in employment as a Lifeguard or Swim Lesson Instructor at the Texas Tech Aquatic Center and Leisure Pool? The pools at the Student Recreation Center employ dozens of students, both graduates, and undergraduates, and would love for you to join our crew! We offer a dynamic work environment with opportunities for additional training and promotions, flexible scheduling built around your needs, and a great group of staff members.


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Job Descriptions

The Aquatic Center and Leisure Pool at Texas Tech Recreational Sports employ close to a hundred students a year, in several different job positions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Lifeguards at the Texas Tech University Aquatic Center and Leisure Pool are the heart of our activities and are the key first responders to dangerous situations at the facilities. In addition to constantly surveying the pool and surrounding areas while patrons are utilizing the premises, Texas Tech Lifeguards are preventative safety officials, and proactively work to prevent accidents from occurring. We employ dozens of lifeguards and will provide additional training for Water Park Safety Certification if you are hired to work at the Leisure Pool.

Position Requirements
- Current Red Cross Lifeguard and First Aid Certifications
- Current Red Cross CPR and AED Certifications
- Must pass Water Skills and written test 

Water Safety Instructor
 Water Safety Instructors ( WSI's) are responsible for teaching both Youth and Adult Learn-to-Swim classes as well as various clinics and stroke instruction courses. WSI positions are available all year long, but extra instructors are hired during the summer months for our large-scale youth learn-to-swim program.

Position Requirements
- Current Red Cross WSI certification
- Current Red Cross CPR and AED Certifications
- Competent swimming ability

 Promotion Opportunities

The Texas Tech University Aquatics Center offers many opportunities for employees to be promoted or cross-train into other areas.

Water Safety Instructor
Most lifeguard staff are afforded the opportunity to become Water Safety Instructors prior to the beginning of our Summer Learn-to-Swim programs. Becoming a WSI requires an extra Red Cross Certification, but is a rewarding opportunity to practice teaching skills, add an important line to your resume, and accept increased responsibility in your employment.

Aquatic Supervisor
Aquatic supervisors are promoted internal candidates who have shown excellent work at the entry-level positions at the pool facilities and operate in a supervisory capability for their shifts. They are responsible for addressing a wide variety of problems that could occur at the pool, and are in charge of patron safety as well as supervising staff members.

Lifeguard/Safety Instructor
Lifeguard and Safety instructors teach Lifeguard Skills and Safety courses throughout the school year, as well as help the staff at the Aquatic Center and Leisure Pools, maintain up-to-date lifesaving procedures and keep their response skills sharp. This position requires an additional certification from the Red Cross

Contact Us

For more information, please email aquatics@ttu.edu or call us at 806-742-1339.