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Lifeguarding Certification Classes

This course prepares candidates to recognize and respond quickly and effectively to aquatic emergencies and prevent drowning and other incidents. After successful completion of the course, participants will receive the following certifications: Lifeguard Training (good for 2 years), First Aid (2 years), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for The Professional Rescuer (2 years) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (2 years).

Lifeguard Classes - Pre-Course

Participants are required to pass a pre-course skills test before registering for a Lifeguard Training course. This $15 non-refundable enrollment will go toward the full purchase price of the course ($225) upon successful completion of the skills test. Please attend with confidence in your physical skills! Students wishing to work on their swimming strokes/endurance should consider our Adult Swimming or Fitness Swimming programs.
The pre-course skills test is comprised of three parts, the 300-yard swim, a timed element, and a 2-minute treading water test. Successful completion of each component is required to pass the pre-course skills test and proceed to the Lifeguard Training Course. Please bring a swimsuit, towel, and form of payment for the training course.

Please note: This enrollment is confirming your attendance in our pre-test only. You will need to pass all elements of the pre-course skills test and then enroll into the course while on-site. Electronic enrollment information will then be sent to you via email. Approximately 9 hours of content will be completed before attending the first class date.

We love to hire guards who graduate from our lifeguard courses!

Lifeguard Class Spring 2019

Pre-course: February 13th 7-9pm
Course: February 21st -24th Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Pre-Course: March 20th 7-9pm
Course: March 28th-31st Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Pre-Course: April 17th 7-9pm
Course: April 25th – 28th Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Pre-Course: May 15th 7-9pm
Course: May 23rd-26th Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Pre-Course: June 5th 7-9pm
Course: June 13th-16th Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Pre-Course: July 10th 7-9pm
Course: July 18th-21st Th/F: 6-9pm Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm

Registration for Pre-Course

Please click here to register for Lifeguard Pre-Courses

For more information, please email us at aquatics@ttu.edu.