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Re-Opening Info

Recreational Sports Re-Opening Information

Rec CenterRec Sports has some exciting news!  Based on Texas Tech and State Guidelines, we will be re-opening the Robert H. Ewalt Student Rec Center on Monday, June 1.  And we have lots of important information for you!

July 4th Weekend Hours

The Rec Center will be closed on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday July 5th for the holiday weekend.  The Leisure Pool will be open for lap swimming by reservation only from Noon - 5:00pm on those days.  To reserve your space 2 days in advance, please click here.

 Rec Sports Quick Links

Make a Rec Center Access Reservation - Quick Link - Guest Passes will not be sold at this time.

Leisure Pool Lap Swimming Reservation

Fitness Class Reservations

OPC Bouldering Reservations

OPC Equipment Rentals

Personal Training Link


Leisure Pool

The Leisure Pool is now open for lap swimming by reservation only.  For more information, please click here.

Hours of Operation

Please check our daily hours by going to:  TTU Rec Sports Hours Website

Starting on Monday, June 1, our hours will be:

Monday - Friday
6:00am - 10:00am
Closed from 10:00am - 11:30am to clean and reset the building
11:30am - 6:00pm

10:00am - 2:00pm

Noon - 4:00pm

Changes on How to Enter the Building

Based on state guidelines and to provide an enjoyable workout experience, Rec Sports is making changes to the entrance process while the University is on a Phase III Operational Plan.  Please note that these processes may change as needed.

Effect Monday, June 1, all students, faculty, staff and members will be required to sign a Membership Agreement and have a reservation before entering the building.

Texas Tech Students

Please log into http://register.recsports.ttu.edu using your eRaider username and password.  Once logged in, you can reserve a time slot for entry into the Student Rec Center.

Texas Tech Faculty and Staff Members 

Please log into https://register.recsports.ttu.edu using your eRaider username and password. Once logged in, you can reserve a time slot for entry into the Student Rec Center.

State, Alumni, School District Employee and UMC Employee Members:

If you have an existing online portal username and password: Please log into https://register.recsports.ttu.edu using your existing username and password.  Once logged in, you can reserve a time slot for entry into the Student Rec Center.

Don't have an existing username and password?

Make sure you have your Rec Sports Membership card available, as you will need your membership number (located on the bottom front of your card) for the membership registration.  

Go to https://register.recsports.ttu.edu/Account/Register to create your online Rec Sports Portal Account.  In the ID Number field, please use your membership number from your Rec Sports ID card.

Helpful Hints

  • Reservations will not be made available until 48 hours before the date you would like to reserve.  
  • Please be prepared to wait in line when you arrive.  We hope that the reservation process speeds everyone's entrance into the building, but at peak use times we expect a line to enter the building.
  • After your reservation is completed, you will still need your Texas Tech ID card to enter the building.  We have placed the card swipers 6 ft apart, so that physical distancing guidelines are kept.

Once you are in the Building

The Rec Center will look different than the last time you were here!  We have placed physical distancing markers and cues around the building to show you how to maintain physical distancing as move around the Rec.

  • We will be monitoring the workout spaces around the Rec Center to maintain 50% of full capacity for individual areas.  Some areas, like the Raider Performance Zone (Court 1) will have a stated capacity and you will be able to use multiple pieces of equipment while in the area.  Other areas, like the Half-Circle Cardio Area, will be based on the 50% capacity rule and by the pieces of equipment in that area.
  • We will be cleaning each piece of equipment after use, so please bear with us as we work to have a safe workout environment.
  • We have also re-configured some our spaces like basketball courts to comply with physical distancing protocol. Courts will be reserved for badminton, pickleball and open recreation.  Basketball will not be permitted.

What Not to Expect

While we are opening the main components in the Student Rec Center, there are areas that will not be open on Monday, June 1.  These areas include:

Building Amenities

Guest Passes will not be available at this time.

These areas are unavailable:  Basketball Courts, Racquetball Courts, Volleyball Court, Indoor Soccer Arena.

Water Fountains have been removed.  Bring your own water bottle.

Sweat Towels will not be available.  Bring your own.

Limited Sports equipment will be available for check-out.

Pickleball has been added as an activity during this time!

Summer Programs like Summer Camp and Youth Learn to Swim

Due to physical distancing guidelines limitations, Rec Sports will not be hosting our Summer Sports Camp this summer. The Youth Learn to Swim program is not currently accepting reservations.

Health and Safety

Rec Sports is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable workout experience for Texas Tech Students, Faculty, Staff and our members. Here are a few of the things we have changed in our facility:

All Rec Sports Employees must pass a stringent safety check before coming to work. They will also be required to wear a mask for their shift and gloves while cleaning equipment.
We will follow Texas State Guidelines and clean equipment before and after every use. We will have Rec Sports employees available in each workout area that will clean the equipment with industry leading cleaners before a new patron can use the equipment.
Rec Sports will close from 10:00am - 11:30am Monday through Friday to reset and complete a building-wide cleaning.
We have spaced out our workout equipment to follow physical distancing guidelines. In spaces that moving equipment is impractical, some machines will be "offline" and rotated each week.
Rec Sports has installed more hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. We now have over 50 stations for you to use.
We have placed signage and directional cues around the building to make sure that you can maintain physical distancing while moving around the Rec Center
We have worked with the TTU Fire Marshall to assess different area of the Rec Center for compliance to the 50% capacity guidelines. We will be limiting the number of patrons in areas of the Rec Center to the 50% capacity rating.


Use our online question form at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/recsports/contact.phpand we will be happy to answer your question!