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Angel Angel
Angel is an undergraduate student at Texas Tech University. He is currently pursuing a Dual Bachelors’ degree in Management /Marketing with a Minor in Exercise Sports Science. He plans on earning a teacher’s certification after graduation and getting into graduate school. Angel is a Crossfit level one certified instructor, and works at two different Crossfit gyms in Texas. He coaches at Crossfit Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX during the school year and Dangercity Crossfit in Garland, TX while at home for the summer. Angel specializes in boxing techniques, a coaching teaching style and short-duration, high-intensity workouts. Angel is currently an amateur boxer and is training for a boxing match. CrossFit has found a new home in Angel’s life and he continues to instill the CrossFit methodology into people lives today. "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going so be ready to work!!!”
Colton Colton
Colton was born and raised in a small Texas town and was a multi-sport athlete during high school. His initial goal out of high school was to play football for Hardin Simmons University, but a major back surgery at just 17 years old made him reroute his athletic and academic pursuits. Once he arrived at Tech in the fall of 2012, he stumbled upon CrossFit. The CrossFit methodology is based on high-intensity functional movements, which are movements performed throughout your daily life. He has learned that the human body can adapt to any type of physical exercise that it is put through, meaning that there is always constant room for improvement. The sky is the limit when it comes to setting personal records in CrossFit and it makes him feel tremendously good as a coach when his athletes set their goals high and then surpass those goals through a manner in which they never thought  possible. His expertise lies in providing a truly unique approach for improving the function, fitness and performance of my clients and athletes.
Establishing good habits through fitness and nutrition and helping people to reach their potential inside and outside of the gym is our mission here at CrossFit Texas Tech.
Josh Josh
Josh was in the Marine Corps for six years and was part of Ft. Sam Houston Boxing. He was also briefly on a Semi Pro football team and have been a volunteer firefighter. He first discovered CrossFit while deployed to Afghanistan. CrossFit allowed him to keep in shape in the small amount of free time he had. One great thing about Crossfit is that it allows people to always improve themselves no matter where they are in life. That's why he loves being a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Texas Tech and helping his fellow Red Raiders realize their own potential.
Nick Nick
“Life begins when we live outside our comfort zone.” Nicholas Hanley is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Certified ACE Personal Trainer and a spin instructor. Some of Nick’s athletic endeavors include completing a half-marathon in 1 hour 30 minutes; multiple triathlons at varying distances; had the opportunity to swim collegially for UWSP; and his latest journey has been into the world of Crossfit. Throughout the many years Nick has been involved with fitness and wellness it has become a true passion for him. Nick specializes in mobility using foam rollers, bands, lacrosse balls, and some more traditional methods. He feels this is a powerful way to develop strength, flexibility, and natural human movement. “I believe in training our bodies so that we can do the things we love to do. When we physically challenge ourselves we strengthen our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.”
Seth Seth
Seth began powerlifting in 2008. He powerlifted for four years, training primarily on squat, bench press, and deadlift movements. In the Spring of 2011 he discovered CrossFit. What appealed to him most about CrossFit is the incorporation of Olympic lifts into fast paced, high intensity quick workouts. He quickly became aware of the diversity and versatility of CrossFit, which inspired him to become a CrossFit Texas Tech coach. He is majoring in Exercise Science/Pre-PT.

Olympic Weightlifing Coaches

Dominic Dominic
My name is Dominic, and I coach Olympic weightlifting. I first discovered weightlifting when I began CrossFit back in 2012. After a few months of CrossFit, I began training several times a week with a weightlifting team, working only the olympic lifts. Soon after that, I participated in my first competition, and I did very well. From that point on, I trained solely for Olympic weightlifting, and have been doing do for about a year and a half. I'm currently majoring in Chemical Engineering at Tech, and am considering going to med school after graduation. I like doing pretty much anything active or outside, and I'm also currently a part of the Texas Tech Climbing Club.
Vanessa Vanessa
I am an instructor for the Olympic Weightlifting class. I am currently majoring in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics. I am also am undergraduate researcher specializing in sports nutrition and am a Texas Tech Sports Nutrition Intern. I first began lifting in high school at the age of 15 and was a state and national champion in powerlifting. After high school, I focused only on weightlifting and have competed in 10 national meets. In my free time I enjoy eating frozen yogurt and watching How I Met Your Mother episodes.

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