Rec Sports Association (RSA) and RecBucks

What is Rec Sports Association?

Rec Sports Association (RSA) is a student organization open to all student employees of the TTU Department of Recreational Sports. This student organization hosts community service events, fundraisers, and socials! Please join our organization on OrgSync to get all the updates, see the calendar of events, and to have access to the RecBuck Program.

What are Rec Bucks?

RecBucks is a student staff appreciation program that has partnered with RSA to promote both entities. It has been developed to recognize students that go above and beyond their daily job responsibilities. This program is only available for student staff members employed by the Department of Recreational Sports at Texas Tech. Rec Bucks can be spent on Rec Sports swag that you can use and wear inside and outside of the Rec. Without our students, we wouldn't be able to do all the amazing things we do here in support of the TTU community, so we want to do more to appreciate you all!

How do I earn Rec Bucks?

Rec Bucks are earned for being an involved and extraordinary part of what we do here at the Rec Center. The goal is to develop cross area interactions that enhance your experience as an employee of Rec Sports.

Specifically, here are the ways you can earn Rec Bucks:

  • Attending a Raider X Class - $3/clinic
  • Attending an OPC Clinic - $5/clinic
  • Attending an OPC Trip - $10/trip
  • Intramural Team Game - $3/game (*bonus for CR Teams ($5) – all members must be Rec Sports employees)
  • Participate in an individual/dual event in any area (Fitness, Aquatics, Intramural) - $3/event
  • Leading a Training in your Area - $10/event
  • Attending an #Adulting Workshop - $10/Workshop
  • Rec Sports Special Event Volunteer - $10/hour
  • Emergency substitute (last second call, they come to the rescue) - $20/shift
  • Extramural events (conferences, tournaments,  etc) - $25/event
  • Staff Props from fellow Student Worker in any area - $5/staff props (Student giving staff props must complete Rec Bucks Submission for credit)
  • All other actions deemed worthy by Professional Staff – any value not exceeding $15 (examples include living the Mission; Inspire Community, Develop Students, and Unleash Spirit)

What are the #adulting workshops?

Want to learn more about adulting that is useful now and in the future? Come of these presentations to learn about topics that include car care and maintenance, budgeting, Investments, internships, negotiation, and planning for your future. We will have a diverse pool of topics that all students can relate to. Most of these sessions don't have to do with your job here at the Rec, but are more beneficial for overall #adulting. Some will be more geared towards upper classman and some sessions will be geared towards all student employees!

  • Thursday, March 30 – 5:30 pm, Room 208: Healthy Habits: Making Good Ones and Breaking Bad Ones
    • Miranda Wise, of Wisely Organized, will be our guest speaker. She will run this hands on workshop to help you identify good habits and keep them going, but also learn the bad ones and how to stop them. We hope attendees take away a larger understanding of how habits impact your everyday life.
  • Monday, April 17th – 6 pm, Room 201: Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
    • Bring your resumes and let’s talk about them! We will give you tips and best practices as we walk you through your personal resume.

What can I buy with my Rec Bucks?!

Items Item cost (in Rec Bucks)
TTU Rec Sports Sunglasses $50
TTU Rec Sports Headband


TTU Rec Sports Water Bottle


TTU Rec Sports Snap Back Hat $150
Short Sleeved DriFit Staff Tshirt


Long Sleeved Staff Shirt $300
TTU Rec Sports Fleece (1/2 zip) $450

How do we keep track of RecBucks?

Each time a student does something or attends an event that is eligible to earn RecBucks, a student will need to submit a Earned RecBucks Form.

As you can tell, there are ways for other students and professionals to give RecBucks to other students via Staff Props. If this is the case, the person giving the staff props will need to submit a Earned RecBucks Form for the person receiving them. This is the same for Professional Staff members giving RecBucks for students that go above and beyond their job responsibilties. The Professional Staff member giving the RecBucks will need to complete this form.

We will keep a running total for each student based on these submissions. If a Earned RecBucks form is not submitted, we will not count it with your total points. Each semester, there will be a "RecBuck Deadline" for submissions in that term. The Deadline for RecBucks earned in Spring 2016 will be May 10th.

How can I spend my RecBucks?

In order to spend your RecBucks, students just need to submit a RecBucks Expenditure Request.You will be contacted within a few business days with information about your purchase. RecBucks roll over from semester to semester as long as the student is employed by Rec Sports. Points cannot be traded or transferred from one student to another. If a student graduates and still has RecBucks on an account, they will no longer be valid.

If you have any questions, please let Laura Thomas at


Live our Mission: Inspire Community, Develop Students, Unleash Spirit.