Texas Tech University

Equipment Issue

Equipment Issue Sales

Item Price
AA & AAA batteries $.50 per battery
Birdie $2.50 each
Bottled water (small) $1.00
Bottled water (large) $1.50
Deodorant (Men's) $3.00
Deodorant (Women's)
Headphones $10.00
Hair ties $.25
Pre-wrap $2.50
Racquetballs (3 per can) $5.00
Racquetball goggles $15.00
Shampoo $2.00
Soap $1.00
Squash ball $3.00
Swim caps (at the pool) $2.00
Swim goggles (at the pool) $10.00
Athletic tape $2.50
Tennis balls (3 per can) $5.00

Equipment to be Checked Out

Badminton Racquets Soccer Ball
Basketball (M or W) Softballs
Billiards Equipment Softball Bats
Birdies Softball Gloves
Dodgeball Squash Racquets
Football Tennis Racquets
Football Youth Volleyball
Jump Rope Volleyball Net (Indoor and Outdoor)
Magazine racks Wallyball
Ping Pong Balls Weight Belts
Ping Pong Paddles Weight Lifting Straps
Racquetball Racquets (16.2 'or 22')