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Rec Sports Student Scholarship Brick Fundraising Campaign

Donate to the Rec Sports Student Scholarship Brick Fundraising Campaign

Texas Tech Rec Sports is proud to announce the start of the Rec Sports Student Scholarship Brick Fundraising Campaign! Donate to the fund and receive a personalized brick a few feet from the front entrance to the Rec Center!

As the scholarship fund grows thanks to your generous donations, more student scholarships will be given to students at our Annual Student Appreciation Dinner every May. Recreational Sports will add your brick to our scholarship circle for $150; and the gift is tax deductible. Please use the order form below and return the form by mail.

If it has been six months or a couple of decades since you last worked for Rec Sports, please know that you are part of our family and we appreciate all of the hard work you put in to make Rec Sports what it is today! Thank you for helping Rec Sports invest in our students!

Order Form

Student Scholarship Brick Fundraising Campaign Order Form

2019-20 Rec Sports Student Employee Scholarship Application

The following scholarship application materials are intended for Texas Tech University Recreational Sports student employees. All materials are due by Friday, April 5, 2019 in the Rec Sports Main Office.

2019 Application

Rec Sports Scholarship Recipients


  • Courtney Ingersol
  • Beth Richburg
  • Alaina Reiter
  • Kegan Shinn
  • Elizabeth Taylor


  • Lazar Nesovic
  • Kelsey Shelley
  • Graciana Wood
  • Zach Bogoshian (Fall 2017)
  • Beth Richburg (Fall 2017)
  • Lindsey Polvado (Spring 2018)
  • Kailey Snead (Spring 2018)


  • Abby Crutcher
  • Emily Jacobs
  • Cade LaBolt


  • T.J. Rabe
  • Clarissa Soto
  • Andrew Carter


  • Glen Morrison
  • Macey Hall
  • Jesse Slay
  • Niko Cabelles


  • Don Kalubowila
  • Shelby Nail
  • Rachel Arellano
  • Caitlin Mayer